• Senior Tax Exchange Program



          Who:                                   Any senior citizen 62 years of age

                                                     Receives Social Security

                                                     Has tax property within Fairfield Area School District


          Compensation:                    $5.50 per hour

                                                    46 hours per year

                                                    $253 maximum      


          Payment:                            Tax refund check to volunteer in July. 

                                                    Tax credit if current year’s taxes have not been paid.


           Limit 40 applications




    Provide seniors with:                                                                            
    Tax relief                                                                                          
    Firsthand look at schools                                                             
    Transition from full time to part time work                                 
    Opportunity to learn                                                                       
    Positive social environment
    Cross generational experience
    Opportunity to utilize their skills

    Provides Staff with:
    Improved support from retired members of the community
    Opportunity to demonstrate the "good things" schools are doing
    Opportunity to increase community awareness of the changes in our schools
    More help in and out of the classrooms



     A STEP applicant indicates the type of work and the amount and dispersal of hours she/he desires.  This information is matched with a staff member’s job request which must be directly related to her/his primary area of responsibility. 

     More information and application forms are available upon request by calling the STEP Coordinator, Charla Acker, at the Fairfield Area School District - 642-2045.



    The Fairfield Area School Board of Directors recognizes and welcomes the many gifts and talents our senior citizens have to contribute to our school system.


    To that end, the Fairfield Area School District is pleased to offer the Senior Tax Exchange Program, through which senior citizens are given the opportunity to work in the District and apply their earnings toward payment of school property tax.



     Download STEP Application:  STEP Application