• A Parent's Guide to Surviving 9th Grade

    Keys to Success


    The ninth grade year is a time full of transitions and new experiences.  It is vital for parents and students to be aware that high school presents its own new challenges that students did not face during their middle school years.   The following is a list of tips and suggestions for both parents and students alike.


    1.  Communication is Key to ensure a successful transition to the high school years. 

    • Parents are encouraged to contact teachers as the need arises.  Some options for keeping lines of communication open include signing up for an e mail agreement, phone calls, or scheduling conferences as necessary. 
    • Students should always ask questions to clarify or explain concepts or directions when necessary.  The only "silly" question is the one not asked!

    2.  Organization is Key to ensure that students are prepared in all areas of their academic experience and to assist parents in aiding their student(s) in the most effective manner possible. 

    • Parents can help their students be organized at home by helping to provide a quiet, focused study/homework space for students to complete their assignments. Parents are also encouraged to check on assignments for their students when possible.  Students are encouraged to use their Agenda to record assignments and important dates.
    • Students should use their Agenda to record all assignments and important dates. A great idea is to write assignments into the Agenda as soon as the student walks into the room to ensure the assignments are recorded.  Another great organization tool is the use of a notebook/binder, which is required for English 9 and Speech 10. 
    • Teacher – If a student is still having difficulty in organizing their assignments or notebooks, ask the teacher!  Only he/she can inform you on exactly how they would like you to be organized for his/her class.  English 9 and Speech 10 both have a sample notebook that models organization for students.  These binders are always available for students to have a visual example of how to keep a notebook.
Last Modified on October 2, 2007