• 5th/6th Grade Concert Band

    In Folder:  (click on title to hear the song - will open in new window)
    Bluesville by Eric Osterling    
    The Rainbow Connection   arranged by Paul Lavender  (Original Muppets Version HERE)

    5th Grade:  Essential Elements For Band Book 1 (Yellow)

    6th Grade: Essential Elements For Band Book 2 (Red)

    Lesson Schedule for this cycle: see MS bands page

    Lesson Assignments - Check Gradebook


    Meets: Rehearsals:  After lunch 11:25-11:52

                Lessons rotate according to the Lesson Schedule.  Lessons may be during class, at flex, or before school

    Materials for Class:   Instrument (in working order)

                                        All appropriate accessories (reeds, mouthpieces, lyre, mute, etc.)

                                        Music (in concert folder), appropriate Essential Elements Book (5th– book 1, 6th –book 2)


                                       A Positive Attitude

    Rules:  Follow these simple rules to create a positive and creative learning environment

    1.      Be on Time: to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is UNACCEPTABLE

    2.      Be respectful of the director and other student musicians.  We are all at different levels of ability and achievement, but we are all here to learn and make music.

    3.      Only handle your instrument.  You must have permission to handle any instruments or special equipment which you do not own.

    4.      No gum or food for anyone (even percussion).  Gum and food are damaging to instruments.

    5.      Be prepared: both with materials and a positive attitude.


    Grading:                     35% - Performances (winter and spring)

                                        30%  - Attendance and Participation – Rehearsals*

                                        25% - Lesson (once per cycle)*

                                        10% - Practice Log*

                                        *Extra credit is available upon request

    Concert Attendance:  Attendance at performances is required. Except for dire illness or a death in the family, absence from a performance is not permitted.  Sporting events (school sponsored or otherwise) are not a valid excuse to miss a concert.  Concert attendance may affect eligibility for additional opportunities.  If you are not dressed properly, or forget your instrument or music, you may not be allowed to perform at the discretion of the director. 

    Scheduled Performances:       The following performances are scheduled for the 2016/2017 school year. 

                                                    Attendance at these performances is mandatory.

                            Thursday, December 8th :        Winter Assembly, TBD-during school

                                                                            Winter Concert, 6:30pm (Report 6:15)

                            Tuesday, May 2nd  :                 Spring Assembly, TBD-during school

                                                                            Spring Concert 6:30pm (report 6:15)

    Performance Attire:    All concert attire must follow the school dress code

                            Morning or Daytime concerts: Nice, dressy clothes (no ripped jeans, flip flops, etc.)

                            Evening concerts: Formal Attire:  *No Jeans, Shorts, T-shirts, or Sneakers

                                                        Dress, or skirt/pants and blouse for ladies;                                                 

                                                        Dress pants/slacks and buttoned shirt for gentlemen


    Additional Opportunities:      Youth Honors Band November 11th and 12th, 2016 at CD East Middle School



                            To contact Mrs. Thompson: 642-8228 ext.3331  or thompsonr@fairfield.k12.pa.us

                            Or visit Mrs. Thompson’s Teacher Webpage: https://www.fairfieldpaschools.org/Page/1335


Last Modified on February 3, 2017