• Kitchen Rules

    1. Wash hands before beginning work in the kitchen. Also wash hands well after sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose or using the bathroom.

    2. Tie long hair back to keep it away from your face. Do not touch hair or comb hair while you are preparing and serving food.

    3. Sit on chairs only, not kitchen tables or counters.

    4. Wear an apron to protect clothes. Roll up long sleeves. Don’t wear baggy clothes for lab. Don't wear open-toe shoes (sandals, flip-flops, etc.).

    5. Stay in you kitchen unit.

    6. If needed, taste food with a teaspoon, not the mixing spoon. Taste only cooked food, not raw such as cookie dough.

    7. Clean up messes and spills promptly.

    8. Wash dishes in hot soapy water. Wash, dry and put away all equipment.

    9. Use a cutting board any time using a knife. Cutting board must be washed after each use, especially when preparing raw meat, poultry, eggs, or fish.

    10. Dispose of trash in trashcan. Recycle cardboard boxes, steel cans, etc.  Make sure sink is free of food.

    11. Use a paper towel to dry hands and a cloth towel to dry dishes. Put dirty towels, dishcloths, and aprons in the washer when finished.

    12. Clean kitchen tables, counters, and ranges. Sweep floor.



    Making up work

    *All work missed for the day of your absence will need to be made up within 6 days of returning to school with the exception of labs.  Labs need to be made up within 14 days of returning to school.  It is your responsibility to check the notebook for your work and bell ringer or ask a classmate. Any quizzes or tests can be made up during I.L.,  before school, and after school.   If you are absent on a day we had lab, you can make up the lab at home, fill out the make up lab assignment sheet  and bring a sample of your product to me.  Or you can do alternative assignment, which is usually a page report on the topic of the lab.  If 6 days go by and you have not made up the missing work, you will receive a “zero” for the assignment(s).


Last Modified on August 10, 2018