• Medication Procedure
    Prescription and Non-prescription Medication 

    In accordance with recommendations of the Pennsylvania Department of Health and this school’s medication procedure, students will be given prescription medication and non-prescription medications (other than Tylenol, Ibuprophen, Antacid, and Benadryl) only on the direct written order of a physician and  a completed permission form. 

    Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications

    • All medications must be brought to the school nurse at the beginning of the day in the original pharmacy bottle/non-prescription package.
    • A parent/guardian or a responsible adult designated by the parent/guardian should deliver all medications to the school. (According to PA Department of Health)
    • Student’s first and last name must be written on original non-prescription package.
    • Medications not in their original pharmacy bottle/non-prescription package will not be used.
    • A completed medication permission form must accompany medication before it will be given.

    Asthma Inhalers
    Students are permitted to carry inhalers during the school day and after school activities only if the following is completed.

    ·        completed medication permission form is completed and returned to the school nurse.

    ·        Student will be evaluated by the school nursing staff for competency in self-administration of the inhaler.

    ·        Student must report the following to school nursing staff:

    o       Use of inhaler during school day

    o       If symptoms unrelieved with inhaler

    o       Any side effects

    ·        Student is responsible for maintaining the medication at school.

    ·        **After school activity supervisor must be aware of location of medication during the activity**

    ·        **Student must provide a back-up medication to be stored in the nurse’s office**


    Please Note:
    • The student is responsible for coming to the health room to take their medications.
    • Any medications remaining at the end of the year will be sent home with students at the end of the last full day of school unless other arrangements are made.  Epi-Pens and Inhalers cannot be picked up before the last day of school.