• Webb's Depth of Knowledge

    Click here to view Webb's DOK Wheel.  This describes how a student's depth of knowledge can be address in the content areas.  Our goal is to foster a higher level thinking within our students by guding them to ts achieve levels three and four, where they are analyzing, thinking strategically, and applying what they've learned to different academic and real world contexts.  Here's the classifications of each level: 

    • DOK-1: Recall and reproduce data, definitions, details, facts, information, and procedures (Recalling knowledge).
    • DOK-2: Use academic concepts and cognitive skills to answer questions, address problems, accomplish tasks, and analyze texts and topics (Skills/Concepts of Knowledge). 
    • DOK-3: Think strategically and reasonably about how and why concepts, ideas, operations, and procedures can be used to attain and explain answers, conclusions, decisions, outcomes, reasons, and results (Strategic Thinking)
    • DOK-4: Think extensively about what else can be done, how else can learning be used, and how could the student personally use what they have learned in different academic and real world contexts (Extended Thinking).  

    Learning App and Websites: 

    The following PDF's give a list of apps and website your child can use at home or in the classroom to enhance their learning in all subject areas!  They offer learning in a variety of ways, including games, reading, videos, and practice.  These sites are free to use and are just a click away!  

    PDF 1

    PDF 2

    PDF 3

    Additonal Information:

    The following links provide information regarding Chapter 16, Special Education for Gifted Students in Pennsylvania.  This chapter outlines gifted education as it is mandated in PA.  The first link is the chapter itself, the second provides gifted education guidelines, and the last one is FAQ's regarding gifted education provided by the PA Department of Education.  

    Chapter 16

    Gifted Program Guidelines