• Fairfield FCCLA members Alyssa White, Emma Dennison, Gabby Roberts, Maddi Holmberg, and Maddy Harner  attended the FCCLA State Leadership Conference March 20-22.  The girls attended meetings, leadership workshops, and competed in STAR events. Cara Filler (http://carafiller.com/) was the keynote speaker for the opening session.  She had an excellent message for the students.   
    STAR EVENTS  For the STAR events competition, Alyssa, Emma, and Maddi Holmberg, completed a project, created visuals, and presented their project to 3 evaluators. 
    Alyssa received a gold medal and National Team Award.  Emma received a gold medal.  Maddi received a silver medal. 
    Power of One    Alyssa, Gabby, and Maddy Harner received Power of One awards for their individual leadership projects throughout the year.  



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