• Fairfield Area School District is joining schools across the country that have made a commitment to take a preventative approach to improving student stress levels and teaching coping skills for long-term wellness. At Fairfield Area School District, we believe in focusing on the whole student to increase academic success. Part of this process is looking at emotional wellness, which includes stress, anger, anxiety, and mood management. 

    The wellness rating scale asks students about their feelings (e.g. agitation, sadness, frustration, fear, etc.) and behaviors (e.g. ability to concentrate, nerves, sleep, etc.) and will take about 10-20 minutes. The results of this rating scale will be used to identify if your child may require further screening and support. If your child’s score suggests a possible need, the school counselor will contact you to discuss the results and possible options to help your child have a successful school year. This may include further screening to determine if your child could benefit from one of our wellness groups, or providing you with additional resources outside of school.

     To have your child complete the wellness screening, please use the link below this opening letter. If you do not wish to participate in the screening but would still like information on services that can be provided, please see the document below. The document explains services offered within the district as well as outpatient service providers.