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    Here are a list of fun, entertaining websites with themes we have discussed in guidance class.

    Please email me at mikeselld@fairfield.k12.pa.us if you participate in any of these activities. I would love to hear from you and I will write back :) 

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    Message from Dr. Redding


    May 21 Bravery

    May 15 Introduction of MS staff for 4th graders

    April 28 A message for 4th graders

    April 15 What kind of career do you want? 

    April 8 Hello!


    Academic Skills

    • How to stay organized for distance learning - especially good for 3rd and 4th grade

      Link: Staying Organized


    Career Exploration

    • Mark and Colleen are living their dream of working for a game-making company called PopCap Games. They attribute much of their success to being able to stick with difficult challenges and never settling for "just good enough" when they are working on a project. Students will connect the dots between important elementary school habits and the tough demands that come with working a "dream job."

      Link: Tech/Gaming Career 

    • At age 8, Molly Moon ran lemonade stands. Today, she runs some of Seattle's favorite ice cream shops! In this video, students will meet Molly and learn that she accomplished her dream through working hard and believing in herself.

      Link: Ice Cream Dream 

    • Take a look at the careers chosen by your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives.

      Link: Career Family Tree

    • This is a career activity book for elementary students. It provides 22 activities on career exploration, seven activities on student development, two activities on critical thinking/logic, and one activity on financial literacy.

      Link: Exercise Your Mind

    • Play 23 different career exploration games!

      Link: Career Town

    • Careers are everywhere! Gain a greater awareness of the nature of work and begin to form ideas about your future career roles with this elementary level activities workbook.

      Link: Careers are Everywhere

    • This site provides an interactive game that explains business vocabulary in more kid-friendly terms. Students make career decisions to save, earn interest, and move to each level. They are also given advice from other characters in the game. Complexity of the game and vocabulary may be more applicable for older elementary students.

      Link: Biz Kid$

    • National Geographic explorers are curious about our planet, committed to understanding it, and passionate about helping make it better. Watch as these explorers give you the firsthand scoop on the best—and sometimes the worst—parts of some seriously awesome professions. Find out what i's like to explore the stars, chart unexplored mountains, dive to unknown depths, or map a lost city. Can you believe they get paid to do this?

       Link: Best Job Ever

    • There’s a cool career for every kid!  Explore career options from A to Z with the Lab Squad kids as they meet and interview career professionals. The kids share lots of career ideas in every episode so be sure to watch them all, A to Z!  If a kid can see it, they can be it! 

      Link: A-Z Career Lab

    • Explore this collection of videos on hundreds of different careers. Career videos are organized into 16 clusters, or related types of work. Select a category to view a list of videos related to that cluster. Videos include career details such as tasks, work settings, education needed, and more.

      Link: Career One Stop


    Social Emotional Learning

    • Read Aloud: Whole Body Listening Larry at School! and Whole Body Listening Larry at Home! 

      Link: Social Thinking

    • Reboot for Schools is a mindfulness curriculum, providing daily 3-minute audio guided mindful moments that build on each other throughout the year. A new audio link is provided each school day.


      Reboot Streaming Site (please bookmark for easy daily access):


      Link: https://streams.thisisreboot.com/

      Username: inhale@thisisreboot.com
      Password: justbreathe
    • The Character Tree is an educational video subscription series for K - 2 students that includes 32 character education videos, 32 sets of supplemental resources, and 32 teacher's guides. Every episode, hosted by a real 1st-grade teacher, discusses an important positive character trait exemplified by prominent figures like Kindness & Mister Fred Rogers or Perseverance & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

            *Parents will need to sign up for a free subscription.

          Link: Character Tree


    • Award Winning Howard B. Wigglebottom books, animated books, songs, posters and lessons.

      Link: Howard B Wigglebottom

    • Mind Yeti is a libray of research-based guided mindfulness sessions that help kids and their adults calm their minds, focus their attention, and connect to the world around them.

      Link: Mindfulness

    • Right from Mr. Haines's phys. ed. class - Follow along as Sophia Khan leads a fun and family-friendly introduction to yoga. You’ll get to warm up, practice breathing and poses, and relax into a power down.

      Link: Yoga for Kids

    • Mindfulness is experiencing life from moment to moment with full awareness and acceptance. The practice of mindfulness teaches us to pay greater attention to our internal and external experiences leading to a more balanced and harmonious existence. The University of California - Los Angeles offers free guided meditations in both English and Spanish!

      Link: Guided Mediations

    • GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home is a free online resource that provides tons of ways for kids and families to be active, stay mindful, and keep on learning! 

      *Parents will need to sign up with an email address for free access.

      Link: Go Noodle