• Talking with You Children about the Coronavirus . . .

    and Other Helpful Resources 




    A video link designed to help explain the Coronavirus to children

    Link: Coronavirus 


    A great story by one if my favorite authors, Julia Cook

    Link: The Yucky Bug


    A message of hope and trust dealing with the Coronavirus

    Link: Hope


    A video link designed to help explain the brain and anxiety to children

    Link: Brain and Anxiety



    Helpful sites to help adults understand how to talk to children about the virus and ease anxieties:


    File: Continue to Stay Safe at Home


    Link: Child Mind Signs of Depression During the Coronavirus 


    Link: Child Mind Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus


    Link: The National Association of School Psychologists Talking to Children about COVID-19


    Link: Hey Sigmund What to Say to Help Kids Feel Calm when the World Feels Fragile


    Link: Understood When Kids are Anxious about Coronavirus: What to Do


    Link: Child Mind Anxious Stomacheaches and Headaches


    Link: Dulwich College Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19


    Link: Child Mind Support for Kids with ADHD During the Coronavirus Crisis


    How to support your child when someone is dying:


    Link: Dougy Center


    A link to 3 books related to grief and loss.

    Link: The Poet's Dog, Rabbit and the Motorbike, Birdsong

     * Parents, please read these stories BEFORE you share them with your child.