• 8 Tips for Middle School Student success during Virtual Learning


    Adopting good habits to structure the day will help you succeed in online learning.  With routines established, students will be able to work more efficiently and independently.  Below are 8 tips to help ensure success.


    ●     Be positive.

    Thriving through a change is tough but doable with a positive mindset.  A positive attitude about online

                learning is the best gift you can give yourself. Everything you learn, whether it is your most

                favorite or least favorite subject, will help you grow as a person.


    • Get organized and stay organized.

    Designate a workplace and limit distractions.  Creating an orderly learning space to do schoolwork will put you ahead of the game.  Be sure to have and make room for all supplies such as books, computer, pens, paper, and other supplies. 


    • Establish a routine and schedule.

    While online school and hybrid school do give you a more flexible schedule, having a routine will help keep    you on track with your schoolwork. Be sure to schedule in your live virtual sessions and make note of teachers’ office hours.  Having clear expectations helps you stay accountable, organized and be more able to think and reason more clearly. 


    • Set Personal Goals.

    To make great things happen in your life, it helps to set goals for yourself.  Think about what you would like to accomplish, both short and long term. Put these goals into writing and post the list where you will see it often. Reward your successes, including moments of grit and hard work, regardless of the score on the

    assignment. Set break and reward times.  For example:  after each virtual session or assignment completion, take a 10 minute break to stretch, exercise or something you enjoy. 


    • Make the most of your resources.

    Many helpful resources are available to you while learning online. Naturally, your textbooks, online instructional tools, and trusted websites come to mind.  But don’t forget the many human resources you can use:  parents, teachers, school counselors, principals are available to you for assistance.  A good rule of thumb is if you have been looking for an answer for more than five minutes, reach out for help! Let your teachers know what if any challenges you are having.  This is a great way to grow that brain with self-advocacy (e.g. emailing teachers about questions, seeking answers to questions outside of class) and practicing growth mindset.



    • Stay the course and practice looking for solutions rather than giving up.

    Remember a growth mindset is knowing success is based on hard work, learning from your mistakes, training/practicing, and not giving up.  So if you are faced with the following challenges, use the strategies listed.



    Obstacle:  “I got distracted”

                Strategy:  Set a schedule to complete assignments distraction free.

                Strategy:  Make the distance learning schedule a habit by sticking to it.

                Strategy:  Turn off social media, TV, and other distractions.

                             Obstacle:  “It’s too much work”  “It’s too hard”

                                        Strategy:  Break larger tasks into smaller tasks that are easier to complete and less daunting.

                                        Strategy:  Use positive self-talk.  Remember, you may not get it yet, but eventually you will.

                                        Strategy:  Set small goals of work completion and reward yourself with small breaks.


    • Be open to your parents checking in.

    Motivation and accountability will help students be successful.  Parents may help students set clear expectations for the day and follow up. They may ask you what challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Additionally, show them your work each day and let them know you are doing the work that is expected.  Open and honest communication regarding your online learning will help alleviate stress and create a more pleasant home learning environment. 


    • Having a Growth Mindset and Using Positive Self-Talk are important.

    Instead of…...

    Try thinking…...

    Virtual Learning is hard.

    Virtual learning is different than what I am used to, but I can work hard to complete my assignments.

    I don’t understand what the teacher wants.

    I need to ask the teacher for help.

    I want to be in school 5 days a week.

    Being in the school building is not an option right now, I will use grit and resilience to meet this challenge.

    I learn better in school than online.

    See above   (you got this!)

    It’s just a virtual day, it’s not important.

    Virtual days are school days.  I will stick to the schedule I created and treat it like a regular school day. It will help me learn and not get off track.

    This is too stressful.

    This is stressful, but there are people who can help me work through this.

    I am not good at this.

    What am I missing that can help me do better?

    This is too hard.

    This is going to take time and effort.

    I made a mistake.

    Mistakes help me learn better.

    It’s good enough.

    Is it really my best work?

    I can’t make this any better.

    I can always improve, so I’ll keep trying.

    I give up.

    Let me try doing it another way.

    Plan A didn’t work.

    Let me try plan B.