• SCHOOL PHONE: 642-8228 or 642-2016

    If leaving voice mail messages, please be advised: I will return your call as soon as

    possible, however due to time limits during the day many calls will be returned after

    school hours. Teacher hours are from 8:15 to 3:45. Students are present in the room from

    8:40 to 3:35. I appreciate your patience in this matter.

    GREEN AND WHITE WEEK 4 DAY SCHEDULE: Fairfield School District is on a six day schedule.
               Library on Green Day A             
    Guidance on White Day A 
    Music on Day B both cycles
    Physical Education on Day C both cycles 
     Art on Day D both cycles


               1. Missed school days

              2. In order to be kept inside for recess or Phys. Ed. when ill

             3. Any medicine to be taken at school- Medications will be sent to the office to be

                 administered at the proper time, this includes cough drops

            4. Any change in buses or the manner of going home- A note should also be written for

                the bus driver. This is necessary every time there is a change in transportation.

           5. After school activities

    RELEASING STUDENTS DURING THE SCHOOL DAY: If you need to pick up your child

              during regular school hours you will need to go to the office before your child will be

             allowed to leave the classroom. This school policy is in place for the safety of your child.

    MISSED SCHOOL DAYS DUE TO ILLNESS: Missed class work will be sent home the day the

            student returns to class. Work can be completed in accordance with the District Policy.

           Assessments will not be given if the student has not had the materials being tested, but

           assessments may be given in spelling or math after short-term illnesses. If the student has

           a long term illness, please contact me and we will discuss how best to help the student

           upon him/her returning to school.

    MISSED SCHOOL DAYS DUE TO TRIPS OR VACATIONS: I can only guarantee class work

           will be gathered for the student to take on the trip if given enough notice in advance.

           Please write a note to me at least a week before the trip, I’ll be happy to get together a

           packet for you. You will also need to fill out an educational journey form before taking

           your trip. Forms are available at the office.

    GRADING POLICY and REPORT CARDS/PROGRESS REPORTS: Fairfield is currently using

           percentages on third grade report cards for all homeroom grades. Report cards are sent home quarterly.

     DISCIPLINE POLICY: Students have been made aware of rules and consequences. These are

         posted in the classroom. We use a system that warns students of the consequences of their behaviors by moving 

         a clip to the  appropriate space.  If a student behaves appropriately the clip may be moved back to a neutral space.
         If a student repeatedly disregards rules  a visit to the  principal will be arranged. Please note: if student behavior could 

         result in another student being injured or becomes a bullying issue, we will contact parents and immediately

         arrange a visit with the principal.

    HOMEWORK POLICY:  Homework is sent for students to practice activities taught in the classroom.
         It is important that  students complete as much of the homework as they can on their own, 
         however help can be given. Math homework is discussed during math class after completion; 
         therefore students should be encouraged to return it without delay.

    ASSIGNMENT BOOKS: Students will be copying homework assignments into a composition

         book. After checking homework please sign the book and send it with your child the next

         day. Homework is assigned Monday through Thursdays and occasionally on Fridays. Homework usually 

         consists of math, reading, and spelling. If no homework is assigned, that too can be found written in the

         assignment book. If the book is misplaced you may write a note stating the student

         completed homework.

    READING LOGS: Each student has a reading log in their homework folder. After they have

         completed a book they are to fill in the information for that book. If they finish the book

         at home, please sign (not initial) the sheet. If they finish at school I will initial the sheet to

         verify the information. Students have been given these instructions in class. Students will

         be given a new reading log each month, or when one is completed. At the end of each

         month I will keep the book logs.

    FRIDAY FOLDERS: Folders with completed student work will usually be sent home each

         Friday, Students are to have folders signed by a parent, and return folders to school on

         Monday, or the next school day if a holiday, snow day, or illness occurs.

    EARLY DISMISSALS: Please confirm with your child plans for transportation home when

         Early Dismissal Days or Inclement Weather dismissals occur. Often students are excited

         or confused on these days and forget your procedure. This disrupts the learning process,

         as well as tying up phone lines!

    VOLUNTEERS: All volunteers must have current clearances. 

         Without this information volunteers cannot work in the room or accompany students on
         field trips.  I will be making a schedule soon and contacting you about working in the room.
    BOOK ORDERS: This year our class will be using Scholastic Book Clubs. Checks

         should be made out to the Book Club, not to the School District or me. All checks can be made

        out to Scholastic and multiple book orders can be paid with one check.

    BOOKMOBILE: The Adams County Public Library Bookmobile comes to the school during the

          school year. Students with cards may visit the bookmobile to take out and return books.

         The student is responsible for the library card. Applications for cards can be found at the

         Fairfield Library.

    PARTIES/WELLNESS PLAN: In accordance with our wellness plan it is requested that parents

         consider sending non-food types of treats (pencils, stickers, etc.) or healthy treats (snack

         bars, popcorn, 100 calorie packs, etc.) to celebrate birthdays or special occasions, rather

         than traditional treats. Foods  that are sent must be prepackaged and cannot be homemade.
         When planning a class party a note may be sent home asking if you would

          consider donating a specific item, or if it is inconvenient for you to do so at the time.

    GIFTS: Students often give gifts to their teachers and other students for holidays or special

         occasions. If your child likes to give gifts I encourage you to have the child create a

         handmade gift, rather than give one that is store-bought. Donations to worthy causes in

        honor of the teacher are also appreciated, and give an opportunity for children to learn

        about helping those that are less fortunate.


Last Modified on August 20, 2015