Here is a list of snacks that our Wellness Program considers healthy and acceptable for treats in the classroom.

    100 Calorie Chip Ahoy Cookies

    100 Calorie Cheese Nip Thin Crisp

    Cinnamon Teddy Grahams


    BAKED Chips/Doritos

    Any Soy Chips/Pita snacks

    Chex Mix-Traditional

    Chex Mix-Cheddar

    Welch's (Reduced Sugar) Fruit Snacks

    Air popped Popcorn

    Sugar Free Jell-O

    Sugar Free/Fat Free Pudding

    Cupcakes/cake cookies made with Splenda

    Sugar Free/Fat Free Ice Cream Bars

    Fresh Fruit/Vegetables

    Trail Mix w/o Peanuts


Last Modified on September 27, 2007