The Skills Higher Ed. Professionals wish High School students would acquire

    Updated 1/29/13

    What skills do you wish incoming freshmen had learned during their high school years?

    Answered by Librarians at Penn State University, Northampton Community College, and Lehigh University

    ·        How to evaluate sources and information, especially web sites for suitability
    ·         Ability to tell the difference between types of sources (newspaper, book, blog post, journal article, peer-reviewed, etc.) and know the  appropriate uses of each type of source

    ·         Being able to tell who authored a source, when they wrote it, and their purpose for writing it.

    ·         Knowing how to use the databases available to them and searching them first, when appropriate.

    ·         College-level research needs to be academic, so the free Internet isn’t the best place to go for peer-reviewed, credible sources

    ·         How to structure their database searches versus internet search engine searches

    ·         How to create a good research topic

    ·         Knowing the basics of how to create and interpret citations

    ·         Research is a process- Once you identify a focused topic and write a thesis statement, it will take a multiple searches before you find the best keywords and most helpful information

    ·         Understand intellectual property and how to avoid plagiarism

    Responses above are summarized from Karen Hornberger's research, and the original source of this information can be located at: this link.