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    Physical Education- YEAR ROUND all 4 years

    The middle school physical education program is a yearlong program that focuses on providing the student with opportunities to develop both physical and mental skills that can be used to develop healthy habits throughout their lives.

    Content Areas:

    1.       Group Activities

    2.       Sports

    3.       Fitness Testing

    4.       Portfolios

    5.       Logs

    6.       Individual Activities

    Applied Technology- Quarterly all 4 years  **NEED A FOLDER**
    Students in 5th and 6th grade will explore word processing and excel documents in the learning of the basic keyboard.  They will work on a multitude of interactive web sites to practice key strokes and improve accuracy and speed.

    Students in 7th and 8th grade will work with the application of technology to plan, design and create models.  Working with introductory architecture, audio and video work as well as power point and presentations.  Communication and cooperation is a core component with these activities.
    Art- Quarterly all 4 years
    Family and Consumer Science- Quarterly 7th grade
    Music- Quarterly all 4 years

    8th Grade Music Class- Students will learn about music history and the basics of playing the piano.

    7th Grade Music Class- Students will learn how to play the guitar.  This includes how to read notes, rhythms, chords and tabulator.
    6th Grade Music Class- Students will learn the basics in music theory (as in 5th grade), singing skills, STOMP (how to make music with everyday items), rhythm patterns, dancing to rhythms, and performance skills.  The 6th grade class has a special concert for their peers where they perform their choice of musical skills that they learned in class.  It is held closer to the end of their rotation.
    5th Grade Music Class- Students will learn basic music theory such as notes on treble/bass clef, note values, time signatures, rhythm syllables and counting, singing skills, how to sing with 2 parts, elements of music, parts of choir, form, major/minor tonality, thick thin texture, and certain composers. These skills prepare the students for their experience of playing instruments in 7th and 8th grade.

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