• How Does One Call Now Work?

    One Call Now allows FASD to keep you updated quickly and efficiently with personalized messages and helps you, as a parent, stay actively involved in your child’s education. As a parent, if you choose to participate in One Call Now, you may select two ways to be contacted.

    1. Routine notification – these are calls that do not directly deal with the safety of students or staff. These calls may include but are not limited to information on upcoming events or the cancellation of a school activity that your child is involved in, school closings or delays, absenteeism, delays in school transportation, etc. When we have inclement weather and need to close or delay school those calls will begin at approximately 5:30 AM. Also, the primary* number will receive all of the same calls that the emergency number receives. We would like to point out that One Call Now offers a texting service that we hope to merge into our system as we gather phone numbers and incorporate them into our database.
    2. Emergency notification – these are calls made only during critical incidents in which a child’s or staff member’s safety is in immediate jeopardy. These calls may include, but not be limited to lockdowns, evacuations, and relocations. If you designate an emergency number it will not receive notification of school closing or delays.

    At least one phone number needs to fall into the category of Primary Notification.

    *Only authorized personnel within the school district may activate the system. One Call Now keeps all of its clients’ information confidential and secure. Furthermore, all data is password protected on secure servers accessible only by the school administration.

    Importance of Accurate Contact Information

    If you choose to participate in One Call Now, for it to work effectively and efficiently it is important that each school in our district has updated phone numbers and email addresses. The One Call Now system will call the home, cell or any phone number to which you need a message sent. During the initial set up please provide one phone number per family. Eventually, each child enrolled in our school system may have up to six phone numbers that link to his or her parents, grandparents, child-care provider, etc. Also, on our school website, you will find a link to One Call Now that will allow you to add extra numbers to our database. There may be times when your child’s school will communicate with you via email. Like the phone numbers, you may supply one email address at which to be contacted, but you may later add up to five additional email addresses.