• August 2020


    Re: HS Parking, Parking Permits & Building Entrances

     HS Students and Parents/Guardians:

     Fairfield Area High School students who drive to school will need a parking permit for Fairfield Area School District. 


    • Students and Parents/Guardians need to complete the enclosed parking pass form.


      • Students need to submit the parking permit form with all information completed and appropriate signatures, a copy of the student’s driver’s license, and a copy of  the car insurance information.to Suzi Schlak, HS Secretary, schlaks@fairfield.k12.pa.us


      • Forms may be scanned or photographed and shared via email to Suzi Schlak.


      • Students and parents/guardians should use the following email subject line with all submitted parking pass documents: FAHS Parking Pass and then your last name.


      • HS Students will then pick up their parking passes on their first day of school at Fairfield.
        • HS Students will be provided further information in the near future on how they will receive the parking passes at school.


        • HS Students will need to provide payment for the parking pass to receive a pass.


        • Parking Pass Cost is $15.00
          • If paying by cash, please try to have exact change. 


          • Checks should be payable to the Fairfield Area School District.


          • Seniors park for free for the 2020-2021 school year, but must have a parking permit.


        • HS Students will need to submit all documents via email to receive a parking pass.  The HS will not be accepting paper document copies for student parking passes.


      • It is understood that you will be parking several days without a pass at Fairfield…please park in the student parking lot by the HS Greenhouse.


      • Student parking spots will be assigned.


    Safety of the students, faculty, and staff remain a constant priority, and the Fairfield Area High School is continually evaluating and reviewing procedures that impact safety.  One such area that was reviewed before the 2018-2019 school year was the High School Building Entrances, and how the entrances impact the overall safety of the Middle/High School. 


    High School Students will continue to gain entrance into the building via the Main MS/HS Entrance at the rear of the building.  Students will also be able to enter the building through the Gym Lobby Entrance (7:30 – 7:50 AM only).  The Gym Lobby Entrance is a bus drop-off zone and is not a student drop-off zone for parents…the student drop-off zone is designated in the back of the building at the Main MS/HS Entrance.


    Reminder….students are not permitted to enter the building through the student parking lot entrance that is located by the HS Student Parking Lot and the HS Greenhouse. 


    Students and parent/guardians please remember that students are required to be in their Block 1 class at 7:55 am each morning so students need to arrive at school and allow for time to gain entrance into the building.



    Keep Moving Forward,

    Brian W. McDowell

    Fairfield Area School District

    High School Principal