• What is a Profile of a Graduate?

    A profile of a graduate is a “north star” in education that outlines the knowledge, skills, and attributes that a student is expected to possess and demonstrate upon completing their K-12 education.  The profile serves as a roadmap, or “north star”, for districts and teachers to design effective and meaningful curricula, teaching methods, and assessment strategies with an emphasis on application to career and college readiness skills. 

    A profile of a graduate is typically comprised of 6-7 pillars commonly referred to as “21st century skills”.  The four most common skills found in a profile of a graduate are communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.     

    Why is a Profile of a Graduate important to the community?

    The importance of a profile of a graduate to the local community can be understood through several perspectives:

    1.  Alignment with local workforce needs – communities rely on a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to provide economic growth and living wages for its residents.  A well-defined profile of a graduate will guide our educational programming and equip our graduates with the essential skills needed in the 21st century job market.
    2. Community development – Fairfield Area graduates who possess a comprehensive set of skills are able to actively participate in civic and social activities, volunteering and other local activities that support the community.
    3. Lifelong learners – communities benefit from having a strong pool of lifelong learners who are able to adapt to new challenges, technologies, and career opportunities, ultimately contributing to the community’s stability and growth.