• Fundraising Information 

    In order to make your fundraising efforts successful, we would like to make information available on your fundraisers to our staff and community. This will help minimize another club or organization selling the same product(s) at or around the same time. Please complete the following information and send to Suzi Schlak (schlaks@fairfield.k12.pa.us) for posting on the FASD Website. This information will be available for all to see under Our District/District Fundraisers. Any organization fundraising for students of FASD are welcome to submit their information. 

    When choosing your products, please keep in mind our Wellness Policy 246.  If you have any questions regarding your fundraiser, as always, contact the building principal.


    Click here for the fundraising form.  Please make sure you have the company name, dates of the fundraiser and what it is for.  Thank you


Last Modified on November 8, 2019