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E-Alerts & Mobile Alerts for Registered Users

How to Subscribe to E-Alerts
& Mobile Alerts


Once you have signed in as a registered guest, please follow the instructions below.

At the top right of the webpage,
select My Account and then Edit Account Settings.

Information Page:  
Enter your information, to include the email address that you would like to receive E-Alerts.
E-Alert Settings:  Sign up to receive emergency broadcast E-Alerts (school delays & cancellations) through a text message to your mobile device.

1.     On the Subscriptions dialog, click Manage Subscriptions. Here you select areas on the website to which you would like to subscribe. Subscribing enables you to receive E-Alert email messages from the editors of these sections. To subscribe, click the checkbox to the left of your area of interest.

2.     Click the Homepages and Calendars tab to subscribe to the homepage and main calendar of your district and school sites. Click the Other Areas of Interest tab to subscribe to site sections, for example teacher sections.