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HVAC project at FASD

You may have noticed the equipment, trucks, and construction workers around campus this summer. Fairfield Area School District is working on upgrading the current system that has lived beyond its life cycle. The project came to a head last summer when a few weeks before school was to begin a mold outbreak was discovered. 

Mike Rader from Barton Associates, an engineering firm engaged by the District, reviewed and recommended changes to our mechanicals. The total cost of the recommendation is approximately $10,315,695 and includes contingencies for unforeseen circumstances. 

The recommendation was to demolish much of the existing systems in both buildings and replace them with high-efficiency equipment that can dehumidify. Existing lighting will also be replaced with efficient LED lighting which will be much more cost-effective in the long run. Any existing equipment recently installed and updated will be preserved wherever possible.

On March 18, 2019, Dennis Rumsey from Trane, a heating and cooling company, gave a brief presentation summing up the project and detailing why the proposed option is best for the district. According to him, the new system will provide 100% dehumidification, it is the least obstructive option educationally, and is the best option overall regarding cost and energy efficiency. You can watch his presentation on the FASD Youtube Channel, click here.