Mission Statement




    Vision Statement


    The vision of the FASD is to provide opportunities to develop skills and empower students to become successful in the world in which they will live.


    Shared Values


    The Fairfield Area School District directs and supports its mission through the following beliefs:


    We believe each student and her/his needs are unique.


    We believe all students should become contributing members of the school and community.


    We believe the entire community shares in the development and success of students.


    We believe a safe and secure facility is essential to learning.


    We believe in an environment which promotes positive self-esteem and a sense of belonging.


    We believe each student should be respectful, caring, responsible, and self-disciplined.


    We believe it is essential that learning continues throughout one's life.


    We believe each student should be provided the educational opportunities and technological resources that will enable them to solve academic, professional, and social challenges.


    We believe all students should be equipped with the foundational skills for success in the future.

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      Shippensburg University School Study Council Recognizes Outstanding Teachers

      Shippensburg University and the Shippensburg University School Study Council celebrated American Education Week Thursday, November 16, 2017 by recognizing forty-seven outstanding teachers from school districts in South Central Pennsylvania.  The honorees were selected for their outstanding service to their school communities based on their commitment to effective teaching, their dedication to their students, their commitment to ongoing professional development, as well as for utilizing innovative practices in the classroom and for serving in leadership roles in their schools.

      Among those recognized wereLinda McMullen and Dane Murray from the Fairfield Area School District.  

      Ms. Karen Kugler, Superintendent of the Fairfield Area School District and Selection Committee member,  congratulated the Outstanding Teachers and emphasized that research clearly indicates that the most important factors in a student’s success are the quality of the classroom teacher and the learning experiences which take place in the classroom.  There continue to be a critical need for teachers of the highest quality to assure that all students are educationally and economically competitive in a global economy.  Dr. Nicole R. Hill, Dean of the College of Education and Human Services welcomed over 160 teachers and guests to the Recognition Luncheon held on the University Campus in Reisner Hall.  Dr. Hill congratulated the teachers on their selection and praised the administrators and staff for their ongoing support of effective teaching.

      The annual event is sponsored by the Shippensburg University School Study Council, a partnership between public school districts and the University, which supports school system leaders in improving the instructional experience.

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