Mission Statement




Vision Statement


The vision of the FASD is to provide opportunities to develop skills and empower students to become successful in the world in which they will live.


Shared Values


The Fairfield Area School District directs and supports its mission through the following beliefs:


We believe each student and her/his needs are unique.


We believe all students should become contributing members of the school and community.


We believe the entire community shares in the development and success of students.


We believe a safe and secure facility is essential to learning.


We believe in an environment which promotes positive self-esteem and a sense of belonging.


We believe each student should be respectful, caring, responsible, and self-disciplined.


We believe it is essential that learning continues throughout one's life.


We believe each student should be provided the educational opportunities and technological resources that will enable them to solve academic, professional, and social challenges.


We believe all students should be equipped with the foundational skills for success in the future.

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    The Fairfield Area School District website is designed to be a quick and easy way for you to learn about our school district. Our intention is to highlight the accomplishments of our students while providing The school community with information about the many, varied aspects of our district. This website is also the gateway to explore each of our schools and various programs that we offer for students, families and community residents.

    Fairfield Area School District

    has openings for the following position:








    Are you a Homemaker or Stay-at-Home Mom wanting to supplement your family income and be home when your children are not in school?  This could be the position you've been looking for!


    No Holidays, Weekends or Summers! 


    The right applicants will possess the desire to work as a team, thrive in a kitchen-food environment and enjoy being around children and young adults.  No experience needed; on the job training provided.


    For additional information, visit the school website at:http://www.fairfieldpaschools.org.  Under Human resources, go to the support staff application procedures.  Applications are also available at the Districts Administration office.  Please make sure when submitting an application that you indicate that you are interested in the “substitution” opening.


    If you have any questions, please contact Lynda at (717) 642-2008.


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