• PA Work Permit

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  • PA Work Permit Instructions

    Instructions on obtaining a Pennsylvania Work Permit
    The Pennsylvania work permit application consists of 2 parts, Items A, and B.  All parts need to be completed and returned to the Fairfield High School Counseling Office.  The completed application and a copy of the student's birth certificate or other form of identification that is stated on the work permit application is needed.
    Part A - Parent fills out everything except Signature of issuing officer and School district - name and address.
    Part B - Parent signs and prints their name and address.
    Return the completed application and proof of age document to Fairfield High School Counseling Office from 2:30-3:15 p.m., Monday-Friday.  I will be issuing work permits during this time only.  If you are unable to come during this time frame, please give the office a call at 717-642-2034 to set up an appointment.
    Please Note:  The above instructions are for students 14-18 years of age who plan to work in Pennsylvania.  If a student is living in Pennsylvania but working for an employer whose address is in Maryland then the student needs to go to Catoctin High School for a Maryland Work Permit.
    Mrs. Debbie B. Balogh
    Fairfield High School Counseling Secretary 
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