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  • During the 2nd Marking period, 6th grade students in Mrs. Edwards' class, created a Bottle Buddy project on a famous person of their choosing. After they read to learn about their person, they used their creative skills to turn a 2 liter bottle into a visual representation of their person. Each student presented their chosen person to their class in a brief oral presentation. Students took great pride in their work, which shows greatly in their finished products that are currently being proudly displayed in the Middle School Library for the whole school to enjoy. 


  • Congratulations to our Quarter 2 Honor Roll Students!

    Your dedication to your school work makes us very proud of YOU!
    Continue setting goals and working hard to achieve them!!!

    Click here to access the Quarter 2 Honor Roll list.




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  • KNIGHTS OF THE MONTH          

    Congratulations to the following students who were selected as the Knights of the Month for January!

    The following students were selected by their teachers for best demonstrating the virtues of a Knight by being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn.

    8th grade Knights of the Month

    • Cayden Elwood - Cayden is the type of student who makes the classroom environment a better place. In addition to his commitment to his academic work,  Cayden is always cooperative and respectful. His presence in class provides a model of the type of student who is always ready to learn and, in this way, helps to elevate everyone’s performance.  
    • Ethan Holsopple - Ethan is an exemplary student whose work is always of the highest standard. In addition to his academic excellence, Ethan conducts himself with maturity and kindness, providing valuable contributions to the classroom environment. Ethan exemplifies what it means to be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.

    • Ysabella Japzon - Ysabella is an excellent student who demonstrates the characteristics of respect and responsibility on a daily basis. Her commitment to her academic responsibilities was particularly evident when she kept up with her schoolwork when she was halfway around the world. Upon her return to school, she had not missed a beat, seamlessly reintegrating into her classes. Her positive attitude and overall cheerful kindness, in addition to her academic excellence, are truly beneficial to the entire classroom experience.

      Pictured above left to right:  Mr. Hoffacker, Cayden Elwood, Ethan Holsopple and Ysabella Japzon.

    7th grade Knights of the Month

    • Wahlen Young - Wahlen always has a positive attitude, he is creative and works well with others.
    • Natalie Kuykendall - Natalie comes to class with a positive attitude, she is always willing to help other students.  Natalie gives her best effort with everything.

    • ​Karleigh Brantner - Karleigh is prepared for class,she  has a pleasant demeanor and treats both teachers and students with respect. 

      Pictured above left to right:  Wahlen Young, Natalie Kuykendall, Karliegh Brantner.  

    6th grade Knights of the Month

    • Justin Huff-  Justin displays the qualities of being a Knight daily.  He is always the first one to help other students.  This not only extends to school work but in daily activities like finding a new classroom or carrying their things. Justin is respectful when he works cooperatively in groups with his peers.  He is responsible when he comes prepared for class with his pencil, bellringer paper, and other supplies.  He is always one of the first students to begin working on his bell ringer without needing to be asked or reminded.  He is ready to learn as he actively takes notes in science and social studies class, and isn’t afraid to ask the teacher to back up if she moves on too quickly.  Justin sets a great example for his classmates and we are very proud of him.

    • Charlie Sweeney-  Charlie demonstrates the qualities of a knight by being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.  She is respectful when she addresses her teachers with questions or concerns.  She is friendly to her classmates and works well in a group.  She is responsible when she comes prepared to class and completes her assignments in a timely manner.  She is ready to learn when she participates in class discussions, volunteers to read aloud, and actively engages in all activities.  We are very proud of Charlie and the positive example she sets for her peers.

    • Caylee Elwood-  Caylee demonstrates the qualities of a knight by being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.   She is respectful when she displays a positive attitude in class and addresses her classmates and teachers with kindness.  She is responsibly prepared for class with all of her materials and works hard to complete her assignments.  She is ready to learn when she raises her hand to participate in class discussions and to answer questions.  We are proud of Caylee and her accomplishments this month.

       Pictured above left to right:  Mr. Hoffacker, Justin Huff, Charlie Sweeney and Caylee Elwood.  

    5th grade Knights of the Month

    • Selena Rumpf – Selena is a brand new student at Fairfield starting earlier this month.  Selena has displayed all of the characteristics of a Fairfield Knight in that short time. He works diligently on assignments, asks questions, participates in class and is always very prepared. She is respectful and helpful to teachers and students alike. Her responsible attitude is evident in everything she does, from being in class on time to choosing appropriate activities to complete when she finishes assignments early. We are very happy to have Selena as a Fairfield Knight.  

    • Ella Young –  Ella displays the characteristics of a Fairfield Knight by being courteous to others, being helpful and respectful to teachers and students. She completes assignments on time and she always tries her best. Ella is always happy and enthusiastic about learning new things and sets a good example for other students.

    • Micah Sewell – Micah demonstrates the values of a Knight through participation in classroom discussions, being a role model for other students, as well as being  attentive and enthusiastic about learning. He is kind and respectful to students and staff.  

       Pictured above left to right:  Selena Rumpf, Ella Young, Micah Sewell.  


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  • Quarter 2 Report Cards have been posted in Skyward Family Access.
    Report Cards are located in the Portfolio Tile.

    View Letter to parents from Principal Hoffacker.



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  • Congratulations to the Quarter 1 Art students whose artwork was selected by Mr. Hoffacker!  Their work will be on display in his office for the remainder of the first semester.



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