• Fairfield Area Middle School is an outstanding school for students to grow and prosper in a safe environment.  Middle school is a very special time, with tremendous growth for children, socially, intellectually, and physically. Personal and academic growth as well as building skills in self advocacy during the middle school years prepares your student for high school and beyond. Our learning approach is to offer a balanced instructional program in a setting emphasized by academic integrity while making an emotional connection with the students as they continue to develop social skills. In order to succeed, students, families and staff must work together.  With active parent participation, we work to make each day a positive experience for your middle school student.

    We are committed to supporting the whole child and invite you to join in this effort to ensure innovation, creative thinking, intellectual curiosity, academic excellence, thoughtful change, and good citizenship.  A walk through our classrooms will reveal a dedicated and professional staff that has high expectations for themselves and their students. Our teachers are committed to their own professional growth and learning, they are skilled at what they do, and they combine this skill with a love for teaching and for students. Helping students live to learn is a goal toward which we continually strive by instilling a strong desire to learn in our students.

    I am very honored and privileged to serve as the principal of Fairfield Area Middle School. I am looking forward to making this year and future years exciting, engaging, and successful for all of our students.

    Justin Hoffacker
    Middle School Principal