• Please read and review this information with your child. 


    Elementary Student Handbook


    Fairfield Elementary Playground Guidelines/ Recommendations:


    General Rules:

    • No throwing mulch or other items found on the playground (sticks, rocks etc.)

    • Look in the same direction you are running/ moving towards

    • Use kind hands and kind words

    • Chalk is for the sidewalk and blacktop only. Do not use sidewalk chalk on the building or under the pavilion.

    • Line up in the designated area when the whistle blows.

    • Collect all recess equipment to come back in. If you take it out, you should bring it back in.

    • Students may not be outside without adult supervision

    • Respect each other’s games (ex: do not run through a game that’s in progress)

    • Do not cross the parking lot or road without teacher supervision

    • No jumping from any of the recess equipment (swings, slides, jungle gyms, etc.)


    Primary (K-1): Kindergarten Rules

    Slides: One person on the slide at a time. Feet first on your bottom, down only (no climbing up or jumping off).

    Swings: facing forward on bottom, no jumping off (drag feet to slow down), if someone else wants a turn they count to 20 and then switch, no twisting the ropes/spinning

    Tag: 2 finger touches only, no full-hand hits, punches, etc, no tackling or kicking

    Pavilion:  No tag/running under the pavilions (used as a place to rest or play calmer games)

    Hill: Stay on first 2/3 (not at the top), no rolling down

    Monkey Bars: Start at the end with the bridge and only go in one direction. Do not get on top of the monkey bars or stand on the pull up bar. Do not wear gloves when using the monkey bars.

    If hanging upside down on the pull up bar, hands must stay on the bar at all times. Do not walk under the monkey bars, go around. 

    Rock wall: climb up and back down only, no climbing over the top or jumping off from the top

    Jungle gym: climbing on intended areas only (not the outside of structure, railings, etc), if hanging upside down on gymnastics bar: hands must stay on

    Colorful M bar:  one direction only, climb over the top - no hanging underneath, don't move forward until person ahead of you has gone to the next color

    Grass areas: no playing with/throwing rocks, sticks, mulch; 



    Swings: No jumping off swings, twisting swings, standing on the swings, or swinging on your stomachs. Stay clear of swings if you are not on the swing. Count 25 swings and then switch if others are waiting.

    Climbing Dome: Wear shoes with a back (No flip flops) on the climbing dome. Keep at least one hand on the climbing dome when hanging down (Don't hang down by your knees with no hands on the bars.)

    Slides: One person on the slide at a time. Feet first on your bottom, down only. No climbing up or jumping off the slide.

    Group Games- No contact games such as wrestling or tackle football. No hardballs are to be thrown at other students. Soccer games may be played on the grassy area adjacent to the playground. Include others in your games.


    Playground boundaries for the large playground: below the hill, the hump of grass by the woods, and the No parking signs at the end of the blacktop. Stay where you can see a teacher at all times.

    • Do not climb on the storage unit or the electrical building fence.

    • Ask a teacher before getting a ball that has gone in the woods or on the road. 


    Weather precautions:

    • Stay off icy areas and out of puddles

    • Do not throw snow

    • Do not climb on any equipment when wearing gloves

    • Hoods/ hats should never cover your eyes or whole face 

    • Scarves/jackets should never be tied to the equipment


    Temperature Recommendations:

    • 60 degrees or higher: Student choice (short sleeves, shorts, etc.)

    • 50-59 degrees: Long sleeves, pants preferred.

    • 40-49 degrees: An extra layer is highly recommended (jacket, sweatshirt, coat). This is IN ADDITION to what the child wore to school. For example, if they were wearing a sweatshirt all day in class, they need an extra layer to put on for recess.

    • 39 degrees or below: A heavy jacket/coat is required and hats, scarves, and gloves are highly recommended.