• FES PTO Welcomes You

    You can make a difference when
    you get involved


    NEXT Board Meeting – 6:00pm
    Elementary School Library


    March 13, 2018



    Artist in Residence is April 9, 2018!  This year Thomas Jolin will be here.  He is a local artist from Cashtown, PA.  He will be sharing in making a Limberjack and building and learning to play the dulcimer.


    March 1st is Family Literacy Night

    March 2nd is the Hershey Park Drawing

    Race for Education kicks off March 8th. Be on the look out for the race for education information packet. DJ Element will be at Race Day!



    You can make a difference when
    you get involved


    Volunteers are needed for various PTO sponsored events.  Must have required school clearances to volunteer.  See district website for clearance forms.  Contact Erica Bollinger at 642-5240 if you would like to volunteer.


    March 1st
    Family Literacy Night 
    March 2nd
    Hershey Park Drawing
    March 8th
    Race for Education
    Kick Off
    April 9th
    Artist in Residence