• Welcome to the Fairfield Elementary School Website. Fairfield Elementary School is a K-4 elementary center with a student enrollment of 323 pupils with 31 professional staff members and 6 building/instructional aides. We have a full-day kindergarten program and special classes rotate on a 5-day schedule.

    At Fairfield Elementary, we strive to meet the needs of all our students. The staff uses various techniques and offers an instructional program that contributes to the educational, emotional, physical, and social growth of our students. The educational program emphasizes developmentally appropriate educational practices in Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Health. Also included in these practices are Physical Education, Music, Art, Library, Technology and Guidance Services. Individualized programs are offered for students with special needs.

    As we provide these opportunities, parents, and teachers join together to work as a team and address the educational scope for the students. The school year is an exciting adventure involving learning and growth for all students, join us on this trek. 

    Mrs. Barbara A. Richwine, Elementary Principal

    Fairfield Area School District Mission Statement
    Students First!
     Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Intervention Support Mission Statement
    We, the community of Fairfield Elementary School, believe that all people who enter our building will show an understanding of others, the motivation and determination to succeed, kindness to all, and the courage to make the right choice.