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    I Love First Grade!

    "Highly Qualified Teacher":  Yes
    The Department of Education seeks to have every teacher certified in
    the area in which they are teaching.  If this criteria is met, the teacher
    is "Highly Qualified".
    An apple for the teacherName: Mrs. April BenderAn apple for the teacher
    University of Attendance:
    The Pennsylvania State University
    McDaniel College
    Degrees Earned:
    Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
    Masters Degree in Reading
    Areas of Certification:
    Reading/Reading Specialist

     Other Important Info


    My hours are 8:15 a.m.-3:45p.m.  Please feel free to call me and leave a message on the voice mail system. I will call you back as soon as possible. The elementary school number is (717) 642-2016. 



                Our "Treasures" reading series from MacMillan/McGraw-Hill is an integrated approach.  We have a Language Arts Block that incorporates Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Phonics, Handwriting, and Process Writing. 
               The children will be bringing home a bag with a book in it.  This is our “bagged book” program.  This book should be read at home and should be on your child’s reading level.  Please find time to sit down and read with your child.    Please have your child keep the bagged book in his/her backpack at all times when not reading.  Your attention and praise is absolutely crucial to your child’s continuing efforts in learning to read.


    Math is fun!Math Information

              Various skills in the Everyday Math Program can be classified as:

    Beginning (B) – Children cannot complete the task independently. They show little

     understanding of the concept or skill.

    Developing (D) – Children show some understanding. However, errors and

    misunderstanding still occur. Reminders, hints, and suggestions are needed to promote children’s understanding.

    Secure (S) – Children can apply the skill or concept correctly and independently.


     Other parts of the curriculum include:  Science, Social Studies, Health, and Listening Skills.







    Please keep a gallon ziplock bag (labeled with your child's first and last name) with a complete set of clothes (pants/shirt/underwear/socks) in your child's backpack each day. Accidents happen in the cafeteria (i.e. milk spills), recess (i.e. OOPS--- the slide is wet), and during special projects/etc. The nurse does NOT always have clothes in the nurse's office like she has in the past. Please have this bag of clothes in your child's backpack each day so we don't have to call you at work to run clothes in for your child. We know you are super busy and don't want to bother you and we want your child to feel comfortable and dry throughout their day. Thanks so much for helping in this small way. We really appreciate it. :)






     I love to read!

    Homework: All homework should be done in pencil.


    v            Bagged books (Monday through Thursday) Please return bagged books to school daily. Bagged books will start early in the year and there will be an information sheet, recording form and reading strategies bookmark in each bag. Please take out the information sheet and keep it at home for reference. Please keep the record sheet and the bookmark inside your child's bag when not using.        


    v            Math homework is generally only given at the end of unit to help review skills in preparation for the unit assessments. 


    ü      Practice of Sight Words (Throughout the week at your convenience.) Every week, I will send home new words which can be found in your child’s folder. Take them out and keep them at home to practice with your child at your convenience.


    These words do NOT need to be spelled, only read by your child. When I test your child, I am looking for him/her to “speed read” the words, not sound them out, etc. (To give you an idea of the timing, I am looking to see if he/she can say the word before I can think/say to myself “1001”.) Please practice words with your child so that he/she can quickly identify words. This will help him/her to be a more fluent reader.)


    **It may be helpful to create 3 bags to organize your child’s words:

    Bag 1. Words your child knows automatically and can “speed read”.

    Bag 2. Words he/she sounds out, pauses on, needs a little help.

    Bag 3. Unknown words.



    ü      Later on in the year, Math Fact Flash Cards will be sent home with your child. Students will have timed tests called “Beat the Clock” and will need to memorize addition and subtraction facts through 10 by the end of first grade. (Math flash cards will be provided for your child and can be used at home at your convenience).


      Book Clubs

                Occasionally, your child will bring home book-club order forms. If you would like to purchase any books, please send check/money in the exact amount in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s first and last name.  Make checks payable to the book club.  Books generally arrive within 2-3 weeks.




    Things you can do at home with your child:

                READ AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WITH YOUR CHILD. J  Show an interest in your child’s work.  Go over papers he/she brings home.  Please go over mistakes.  Encourage your child to practice skills learned at school. Encourage your child to tell you what he/she learned in school that day.     


    Can your child-

                ---Tie his/her shoes?Shoes

                ---Write his/her first and last name?

                ---Tell his/her birthday, address, and phone number?

                ---Recognize and write the letters of the alphabet at random (capital and small)

                ---Know the sounds of the letters?

                ---Know and recognize colors and color words?

                ---Count and recognize numbers and number words (1-10 and one-ten)





    Permanent Transportation Changes

              Any permanent transportation changes needed during the course of the year need to be made a minimum of 3 days prior to the proposed change. To make permanent changes, contact the office for any transportation change request forms.

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