• COVID-19 Guidelines for Symptoms and Quarantine

    If you or your child are experiencing the symptoms on this page, please stay home or keep your child at home.  Contact your medical provider for further instructions.  Please also communicate this information with the school nurse - instructions will be given on when it is safe to return to school. 

    School Nurse 717-642-2013, email ebaughk@fairfield.k12.pa.us.


    COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Facial Covering/Mask Exclusion Form

    This form* must be completed BY A PHYSICIAN/MEDICAL PROVIDER in its entirety prior to the student entering school without a mask. If a student arrives to school without proper documentation, student will be required to wear a mask or be sent home. *A note from a provider containing the same information can be used in place of this form.


    Facial Covering/Mask Exclusion Form

Last Modified on January 4, 2021