Fairfield Area School District has modified the board policies with the help of PSBA.  Any new or revised polices will be listed here https://go.boarddocs.com/pa/fair/Board.nsf
    Welcome to FASD Board Policies



    The Board is the legally recognized body selected by the citizens of the school community to represent the public in the development, interpretation, and implementation of policy under which the school may effectively operate in pursuit of a program of quality education.

    For a smoothly functioning operation, it is essential that the Board and the Superintendent work cooperatively in an effort to determine the area which involves policy, what that policy should be, and then prepare it in written form for implementation and future reference. It is imperative that the written policies be based on a thorough understanding of the difference between the policy formation functions and the administrative management functions. This understanding serves to promote a more business-like Board operation and improve Board-Superintendent relationship. The policy statements thus serve as guideposts to all school personnel and to the general public.

    The Board is empowered to implement the state educational plan in the school community, to provide a program of education based on an interpretation of community needs and to report to the school community on matters concerning its stewardship. The purpose of the stated policies should be to:

    Create a climate which will permit each staff member to totally utilize his/her talents and skills in the performance of his/her respective responsibilities.


    1. Provide uniform and consistent procedures.

    2. Maximize the utilization of time.

    3. Sustain the line of communication to the staff members and members of the school community.

    4. Serve as an orientation tool for new Board members.

    5. Clarify Board, Superintendent, and staff relationships.

    6. Help provide an image that would serve to attract and retain personnel.

    7. Provide an organizational structure that will permit all employees to appropriately participate in the improvement of instruction.

    8. Give authority and responsibility to school personnel in the actual operation of the educational process that is consistent with the competence and the responsibility of the individual.






Last Modified on September 30, 2020