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    Ms. Karen C. Kugler

    The Fairfield Area School District possesses a strong sense of pride in our excellence in academics, the arts and athletics; celebrates traditions that make us unique; treasures our students; honors our faculty and staff who dedicate their time to the students and district advancement and applauds the community support of students, staff and district endeavors.  We strive to invest not only in our students and families, but also in the greater community as well.

    The value of a Fairfield Area education goes beyond test scores, high college acceptance rates, and workforce preparedness.  A Fairfield Area education is about engaging the whole person through building healthy relationships, encouraging students to grow and stretch academically, and developing skills for life.  We are grateful to all who contribute to the education of our students including our teachers and staff, school board members, administrators, parents and guardians, and our community members.

    It is truly a pleasure and an honor to lead the Fairfield Area School District as Superintendent.  Our community is full of energetic, creative, passionate, and dedicated individuals who are committed to ensuring our students receive the best educational opportunities while attending our schools.  Thank you for your support of our school district, and for your continued investment in our most important resource – the students of the Fairfield Area School District.  I look forward to partnering with you as we move forward and continue to put “Students First”!



    Assessment of Performance-Superintendent:  Performance has been assessed as proficient.