• Closings & Delays

    When inclement weather threatens the safety of our students on their way to and from school, the Superintendent may decide to open school late, dismiss early or close school. Listen to the following radio or television stations for school information during a weather emergency and sign up for SkyAlerts by contacting your school's building office.  Please do not call the school!

    WHVR, THE PEAK -FM 98.5


    WHP 580, WRVV 97.3

    KOOL 99.3, Bob 94.9

    WGAL - TV 8, WPMT - FOX 43

    WHTM - ABC 27

    WHP CBS 21- UPN 15

    WDVM TV 25

    Please remember, the District’s number one priority is the safety of all children. The decision by the District for opening, delaying, releasing or closing schools is based on weather, road conditions and the ability to notify parents. Even our parents are constantly trying to make safety-related decisions based on weather reports and individual circumstances. Many students who attend FASD come from homes with both parents working. Sending students home to houses that have no adult supervision are also concerns of the school district. Parents can help our school district meet the objective of safety for all students by watching and listening for decisions made by FASD on days of weather emergencies. Another way in which parents can help is to make special arrangements for their children during weather-related emergencies.

    The vast difference in local terrain also adds to the concerns for safety. If you live in an area that is impassable or unsafe for school buses you may pick up your child by notifying the building principal. If you feel the weather in your area is unsafe for travel, please use your own discretion in sending your child to school! Should you decide to keep your child at home, send a note to the principal explaining the weather emergency.

    The Superintendent makes the decision for the district using many sources and depends on many people. Bus contractors and bus drivers make the decision for each individual route and have the responsibility to ensure safety. The Director of Transportation is notified if an individual run must be canceled by the bus contractor and bus driver. Working together (school district, parents, and bus contractors), we will continue to see that all children travel to and from school safely.