Welcome to
    Fairfield Alumni Association’s
    New Website
    Mailing Address:

    Fairfield Alumni Association

    PO Box 66

    Fairfield, PA 17320

    Email Address: (will announce at a later date)

    Annual dues:

    All Fairfield graduates are members and the annual dues are $5.00.

    Please mail your information and dues to the address above.

    Annual dues and donations are used to support the senior awards and any other items (voted by the association at the annual banquet) to benefit the school and the student’s educational experience.


    How can you help or become involved with the Alumni Association:

    Your financial support is always greatly appreciated.  We are also seeking individuals to give of their time and talents to help with our banquet and fundraiser dance such as helping to set up tables, clean up, provide refreshments, sell tickets, sponsor a newspaper or radio ad to promote this event.  We are also in need of individuals to help with the annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser.  This would include table set up, servers, and dishwashers, clean up.  Perhaps you would like to sponsor a door prize for the banquet and/or spaghetti dinner.  We would love to form a fund-raising committee.  If you are interested in helping in any of these areas please contact the association officers.  We also welcome any new ideas or suggestions.   

    Alma Mater:

    Our Alma Mater Fairfield High

    We come to honor thee

    We worked and played within your halls

    And fought for green and white


    Our Alma Mater Fairfield High

    Our love for you will be

    So stanch and true

    What ere we do

    We’ll do with all our might



    Robin Brown (Class of 1970), President 642-8807

    David Metz (Class of 1974),Vice-President 642-5829

    Mary Ann Remaley (Class of 1969), Secretary 642-8334

    Nancy Wenschhof, (Class of 1961), Treasurer 642-5747