Lunch Prices

  • K-5 School Lunch - $2.65

    6-12 School Lunch
    - $2.85

    Reduced Lunch - $.40 

    Milk Only - $.60  

    Make all checks payable to "FASD Cafeteria". Returned checks are subject to a $40.00 return check charge.
    If you choose to pay by check, your child's name & pin # MUST be on the check or envelope (there are envelopes that your child my pick up at the Lock Boxes). Multiple childre, in the same household, may be on the same check no matter which building they are in. Please encourage your child to deposit their envelope in the designated Lock Boxes when they get to school. The Lock Boxes are checked by 9:45 AM daily. This will help the speed of the lunch Serving Lines.
    Also, please check your SPAM if your are not getting the Low Balance Emails!

    We are committed to providing tasty, healthy school meals at a reasonable cost. By participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) we agree to serve lunches that comply with the Federal and State regulations. 
    A NSLP meal consist of 5 Components: an Meat/Meat Alternate, Bread/Bread Alternate, Vegetables, Fruit or Fruit Equivalent and a Milk. Students may decline up to two items (but not the entree). Starting in 2012 ALL students MUST pick up a Fruit or Vegetable for the meal to be considered "Complete". If the students do not choose a "Complete" meal, they will be charged the a la carte' price for all of the items they have selected.
     Meat/Meat Alternate-Includes all beef, chicken, ham, turkey, pork, cheese, yogurt and eggs
    Bread/Bread Alternate-Includes bread items including taco shells, wraps, pastas, bread filling, pizza crust and crackers
    Vegetables-Includes all potato items, fresh, frozen and canned vegetables and tomato soup
    Fruit-Includes all fruit, canned, fresh, frozen, 100% fruit juice and 100% fruit juice Slushies
                                                                                           Milk-Includes all fluid milk offered daily listed on the monthly menu
                                                       All students K-12 must take a 1/2 cup Fruit or 1/2 cup Vegetable to be considered a COMPLETE Meal.
                                                              If a student doesn't have a 1/2 cup Fruit or 1/2 Vegetable when they come to the Register
                                                                                   they will be charged Ala Carte Prices for everything on their tray
    The FASD Cafeterias WILL NOT refuse a student a lunch. For any questions or concerns please call Lynda Comeau, Food Service Director at 717-642-2008.

    This policy applies to the “regular” school lunch only. If your child doesn't have money in their account and does not have any cash, the regular menued lunch of the day may be charged. A record of the charges is kept in their lunch account and payment is expected the next day. The students are not allowed to charge any ala carte items.



Last Modified on October 26, 2018