FAST Mission Statement

    "The Fairfield Area School District's Athletic Association's mission is to foster an environment that inspires athletes, students, coaches, parents, and the community to collectively create a positive and spirited atmosphere for all athletic programs.   Our focus is to help build strong moral character, academic excellence, and physical conditioning through community involvement, fundraising, and mentoring".


    Fairfield Athletes Stand Together (FAST) is a group of parents, coaches, and school administrators whose mission is to enrich the Fairfield Area School Athletic Community by providing financial support for Fairfield Area School athletic programs.  We are dedicated to the continued support of our athletic teams, coaching staff, and athletic trainers.  In addition to financial support, FAST recognizes that participation in intramural, middle, and high school athletics benefits everyone and promotes opportunities to build and strengthen relationships among all involved:  the student body, coaches and teaching staff, parents, and the community. Fairfield Athletes Stand Together strives to support athletic and academic excellence, promote sportsmanship, personal responsibility, school spirit, and team unity, and maintain the history and tradition of excellence for all student athletes at Fairfield Area Schools.


    Through membership and fund-raising activities, Fairfield Athletes Stand Together will strive to provide:


    1.     "Wish List" funding for Fairfield Middle and High School Athletic Teams

    2.     Scholarship funds for graduating senior athletes

    3.     Annual recognition for alumni Hall of Fame inductees

    4.     Annual Social Dinner for all athletic coaches

    To get involved you can attend our meetings which are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM in the Board Room or contact/join us at: 
    gmail fast.fairfield@gmail.com             facebook  Fast Fairfield