• Fairfield Area School District Integrated Pest Management Plan



    ·        Integrated Pest Management Plan, hereafter referred to as IPM Plan is designed to prevent pests from inhabiting the buildings, and to control the use of pesticides within and around the buildings of the Fairfield Area School District.

    Board Policy:

    ·     The supervisor of buildings and grounds is responsible for developing and incorporating Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures for the control of structural and landscape pests.  All pesticides dispensed by district employees shall fall under the IPM Procedure.


    ·        Products that may draw pests into the buildings or its surroundings should be kept in the proper containers and areas. Do not leave candy, crackers and other eatables lie around which may draw pests.  Teachers should have students check and clean out lockers and desks to make sure there are not any of these products to attract pests.

    ·        Prevent loss of or damage to school structures or property.


    ·        IPM procedures will determine when to control pests and whether to use mechanical, physical, chemical, cultural, or biological means. IPM practitioners depend on current, comprehensive information on the pests, their environment and the best available pest control methods.

    These controls shall be non-toxic if at all possible.


    ·        Application of a pesticide, such as ant spray, will not be applied during the time when students are present, and only applied seven hours (7) prior to occupation of buildings and grounds involved.  We have non-spray and nontoxic ant and bee spray available. No one can apply pesticides, weed control unless they have applicators license.

    ·        Pest control in the cafeterias and kitchens are by mechanical means only, and no sprays will be used. This application will be performed by a professional licensed applicator.  All other pests within the building will be handled by a professional licensed person. The exception being applying non-toxic ant and bee sprays.





    ·        It is the school district’s responsibility to notify all personnel when a pesticide, herbicide, are being applied on any school property. All applications will have a 72-hour notice prior to application.


    ·        Notification can be achieved by several means: posting on the web site, sending a letter to parents/guardant, posting at all entrances to the school property. If persons are on the pesticide hypersensitivity registry distributed by the Department of Agriculture they are required to be notified by phone call, followed by registered letter.


    ·        Emergency pesticide applications with notification by phone to only those parents that request such notification.



    ·        Records shall be kept of all chemical pest control treatments for three (3) years.



    Notice of Application of Pesticide



    Name of Applicator: _________________________________________



    Address: __________________________________________________




    Telephone Number: _________________________________________


    Date of Treatment: __________________________



    Pesticide being applied: ___________________________________________________________



    Notice also posted on the Fairfield Area School District Web Site:






    These are to inform parents/guardians that from time to time Fairfield Area School District has a licensed applicator apply pesticides and herbicides to our fields. We strive to complete this task on weekends to avoid being students present during the application.  Please notify the district if you desire to be notified when the school district applies pesticides and herbicides.