• Listed are Timely Information for Parents (TIP) Sheets for parents and guardians of gifted children.  These are very informational and useful to help guide parents/guardians in providing for their child's current needs and meeting their needs as they change.  These sheets have been provided from the National Organization of Gifted Children webiste (http://www.nagc.org).  



    Ensure the level and pace meets your child's academic needs

    Advocating for Gifted Services

    Know how to advocate for your child


    Learn how to build creative and critical thinking through the arts

    Assessments for Identification

    Know the when, why, and how to have your child tested 

    Asynchronous Development

    Learn how your child may develop at a rate different from their peers

    Classroom Advocacy

    To foster your child's success, it is important to work toether with the school's teachers

    Early Childhood

    Next steps after your child shows signs of giftedness

    Gifted 101

    What does it mean for your child?

    Making Friends

    Gifted students may make friends differently, they may relate more to mental age than chronological age

    Nurturing Creativity

    Learn how to support your child's creativity


    It is important to help your child avoid unhealth perfectionism due to high expectations your child may hold for themselves


    Students need to be able to speak up for themselves so they may find the right opportunities to meet their needs