Concert Choir       

    Welcome to the Vocal Program at Fairfield! I hope all students have a terrific and productive year at school this year, and especially in choir.  In concert choir class, you will prepare and perform various styles of choral literature.  This means that you will learn to sing in several languages and musical styles. All students are required to sing for the instructor in group and individual settings. Basic theory, ear training, vocal training, pitch retention, intonation, sight singing, harmonization, blending techniques, range development and part development (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) are all part of items studied. Concerts are an important part of the choir experience.  Concert choir will perform 4-8 concerts per year and attendance at these concerts are mandatory (yes, each musician DOES make a difference!).  Movement and clapping may be a part of the performances.


    Rehearsals:  Promptness to class is expected at all times.  Please get your music folder and a sharpened pencil and be ready to warm up and then rehearse.  We will all be at different stages of development in our singing skills, and our goal during these rehearsals is to learn – so come prepared to work hard.  We have a lot of singing to do!


    Classes will meet during Period 2B (10:07-10:47) and  IL Day 2, 2B Cycle. 


    Things you will need for each class:

    • pencil
    • agenda
    • Electronic device
    • music folder (may be checked out)
    • your attention, cooperation, and best effort

    Your grade will measure:   

      • (30%) participation
      • (15 %) written assignments/tests
      • (15 %) singing tests/Sight Reading Tests
      • (40 %) concert attendance/Projects 


    • A Special Note:


    Concert attendance is mandatory and a huge portion of your grade.  Below is the list of dates of concerts:  Missing of a mandatory concert may result in not being able to join next year. If you miss any of these concerts, you will lower your grade drastically.  


    Pippenfest Performance (Chambers & Show Choir) MAYBE Sunday, September 26

    Veteran’s Day Program on Monday, November 11th in morning - NONE

    Holiday Choral MS Assembly Possibility

    Holiday High School Choral Concert on Thursday, December 16th at 6:30 p.m.

    Mont Alto Choral Festival (Chambers) on Saturday, May 7th 

    Spring Choral MS Assembly on TBD   (Possibility)

    Spring High School Choral Concert on Thursday, May 12th at 6:30 p.m. 

    Graduation on June 1 at 6:30 p.m.  (Can change if snow days/mold make up days) FINAL EXAM

    Any additional concerts will be given at a later date.

    FUNDRAISING:  There are several fundraisers that will help raise the money for any field trips taken during the year. Even if you are not going this year, sell for next year.  Some fundraisers will be a R & K sub sale, a possible Pie fundraiser (NO Pie Shoppe this year due to delivery issues due to COVID) , & Krispy Kreme Fundraiser.  


    All deliveries will be from 2-4 in chorus room 249. Pickup at entrance #18 (fire exit door by the chorus room). All information will be listed on Schoology.  We will ask for electronic input for most of our fundraisers before submitting the original order form.  Directions will be on the fundraiser forms.  This is to make it easier for processing since we do not have a Music Booster Program.  Any parents interested in starting a booster program, contact Mrs. Mills. 


    District 7 tryouts on Saturday, October 23 at Central York High School.  Bad weather date is Saturday, October 30, 2021. 


    District 7 Chorus Festival will be held on February 10-12  at Chambersburg High School  (Bad Weather date - February 14 (auditions) .  Concert starts at 5 p.m.


    Regional Chorus Festival will be TBD.


    County Chorus is an auditioned small choir that participates and performs at the ACMEA County Chorus Festival and performs with other students from other county schools. Adams County Chorus Festival will be held at New Oxford High School on January 21 & 22.  


    Students MUST attend the whole festival and learn their part before the festival in order to get the best experience with the guest conductor.  A concert is held that Saturday for the public.   Students also must be in good standing in their choir to qualify for this privilege.  These are ACMEA festival rules.  

    Chamber Singers is an auditioned small choir that performs more and has additional field trip opportunities.  Being a part of this special ensemble means you are the role models of our choir.  If you cannot go above and beyond, you shouldn’t be in this ensemble.  After school rehearsals  and extra concerts/performances are a part of this ensemble and mandatory. 

    Show Choir  is an auditioned choir as well.  If you like to sing and dance, then this group is for you.  This group performs at our concerts as well as  additional field trip opportunities.  Being a part of this group means you are the role models of our choir just as a chamber singer.  There will be after school or evening rehearsals for this ensemble.  Auditions are in September. There is an informational meeting during IL in the auditorium on Friday, August 27th.  You DO NOT need to be in choir to be in show choir, so tell your friends.  


    Musical  is auditioned and the show is TBD.  Show dates are March 4 & 5, 2022.  More information to come soon. There is an informational during IL in the auditorium on Friday, August 27th.  You DO NOT need to be in choir to be in the musical, so tell your friends.  This includes anyone interested in set design and working in the tech booth. 


      In the music classroom:

    1. Be on time to class and be ready with your folder in your assigned spot.
    2. Bring only the items you need for class each day.
    3. Listen.  Follow instructions carefully.
    4. Only handle instruments and special equipment with permission.
    5. You are responsible for your folder.  The student at cost will replace any lost music. (Your report card will be held until all costs are recovered)  There will be graded folder checks throughout the year.
    7. Cell phones (or other electronic devices) are not to be visible or used at any time during instructional time without teacher permission. Cell phones/devices that are seen during instructional time will be collected and turned into the High School office (this includes if a phone/device is sitting on your stand/chair.) If in the event students are allowed to use phones/devices in class for a project, instructions will be given ahead of time. 
    8. No homework during class! 
    10. Try your very best!


    ***Any items brought to class that should not be here will be taken and given to the principal.


    Classroom Behavior:  Our classroom guidelines are based upon mutual respect for each other, the school, and the equipment.  The words:


    Be Kind

    Be Courteous

    Be Respectful


    are the guidelines used in this classroom.  This is an ensemble group, which means that there is a necessity for teamwork, cooperation, and positive feedback towards each member of the choir.  This is your choir – make it a great experience for everyone by following these guidelines.


    If a problem does arise, it will be dealt with warnings, parent phone calls, , detention, and discipline referrals. If this does not fix the problem, then a parent meeting with the principal will be necessary.  Students can be taken out of the class at the Semester break and lose their academic credits.  Any infractions will be deducted against next year auditions and will result in unsatisfactory fulfillment for the prerequisite for future enrollment of this course.  


    To contact Mrs. Mills: 642-8228 ext. 3364     millsp@fairfield.k12.pa.us

    Also, can text over remind 101 app. 




    Sign up for Remind  – see link below Remind sheet for directions – get important reminders and announcements for this class.  Extra credit!!! 




    A sheet is available as well.  



    Please sign below and return that you read and understood this Concert Choir class syllabus.   This also means you agree to come to all performances and will follow the rules in this classroom.  This will be your first homework assignment and worth 100 points.  Please return by Friday, August 27th.


    Print Student Name   __________________________________


    Homeroom Teacher ___________________________________



    Student Signature



    Parent Signature


    Parent Name (Printed) ____________________________________________

    Parent Phone number________________________________


    Parent email _______________________________________


    Volunteer clearances on file    _______ Yes   _______ No


    Check here if interested in helping with fundraisers or other volunteer items _______________


    Check if you are interested in chaperoning for field trips  ______________

    *See Back for Homework Questions for students to answer*



    Student Name ______________________________________     


    1.  What is the date and time of our Holiday Concert?

    1.  What is the date and time of our Spring Concert?

    1.  What is the date of graduation?  Tentative

    1. What is the category of your grade that makes up 40% of your grade?

    1.  What school is the Adams County Chorus Festival being hosted at this year?

    1. Name 3 concepts you will learn in this class.


    1.  What would you like to learn this year from this class? Be specific.

    1. Are you interested in auditioning for chamber singers?

    1. Are you interested in auditioning for show choir?

    1. Are you interested in being a part of the musical, tech crew or set design?

    1.  Do you know someone who is not in choir interested in show choir or the spring musical?  Who and which one?
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