School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (SWPBIS)


    Knight Graphic


    There are seven core values or Virtues of a Fairfield Knight that drive SWPBIS at Fairfield Area High School. Each of the seven virtues helps the students recognize what our school-wide expectations are for their behavior while at school. The virtues are resolve, enterprise, generosity, integrity, courage, mercy, and scholarship. There are monthly lessons and activities in which all students engage that teach and practice each of these virtues. In addition, there are posters in various areas of the High School’s campus including the hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, classrooms, library, locker rooms, auditorium, and gymnasium. The virtues posters throughout the school serve to guide student behavior choices and to remind students of the expectations for interacting with teachers, school district staff, and other students.

    Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded when they demonstrate positive behaviors. Prizes are awarded each week randomly to two nominees on the morning announcements. Then, the three students with the highest number of nominations for each month are recognized on the morning announcements and rewarded with $20 in gift cards. Additionally, these monthly winners (as listed below) are invited to an event at the end of the year to celebrate their excellent character. This year, those students will be transported to one of the sweetest places - Hersheypark - for a day filled with fun and excitement! 

    SWPBIS is a team-based, school-wide program that includes all students, faculty, and staff in our High School. Our goal is to impact school culture and to create an environment where all stakeholders are valued and see the positive impact they can make. Parents and guardians, as an important influence in your son or daughter’s positive behavior, please encourage him or her to display the seven virtues at home and at school, and celebrate each success along the way!