Congratulations to Fairfield FCCLA members Alyssa White, Emma Dennison, Gabby Roberts, Maddi Holmberg, and Maddy Harner on their accomplishments. They attended the FCCLA State Leadership Conference March 20-22.  The girls attended meetings, leadership workshops, and competed in STAR events. Cara Filler was the keynote speaker for the opening session.  She had an excellent message for the students.   For the STAR events competition, Alyssa, Emma, and Maddi Holmberg, completed a project, created visuals, and presented their project to 3 evaluators.  Alyssa received a gold medal and National Team Award.  Emma received a gold medal.  Maddi received a silver medal.  Alyssa, Gabby, and Maddy Harner received Power of One awards for their individual leadership projects throughout the year.  

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    Family & Consumer Sciences

    Here you will find a variety of information about the Family and Consumer Sciences Department. There are many 1/2 credit elective classes to choose from at the high school level. They include Basics in Food Preparation, Child Care, Textiles and Apparel, Foods for Life, Healthy Food Choices and Family, Work, and Community Leadership. The department also offers a one credit elective, Early Childhood Education. More information about each class can be found on the "High School FCS Classes" page. There is also an Exploratory FCS class taught to all 7th graders. You can check out the page "Middle School FCS" for more information.
    If you are looking for the preschool program information, you will find it on the page "Preschool Program." There you will find the dates, times and a registration form. High School students are very excited about getting the opportunity to teach young preschool students.
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    Family and Consumer Sciences Mission Statement
    To prepare students for family life, work life and careers in Family and Consumer Sciences by providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed for:
    • Strengthening the well-being of individuals and families across the life span.
    • Becoming responsible citizens and leaders in family, community and work settings.
    • Promoting optimal nutrition and wellness across the life span.
    • Managing resources to meet the material needs of individuals and families.
    • Balancing personal, home, family and work lives.
    • Using critical and creative thinking skills to address problems in diverse family, community and work environments.
    • Successful life management, employment and career development.
    • Functioning effectively as providers and consumers of goods and services.
    • Appreciating human worth and accepting responsibility for one's actions and success in family and work life.

    Family and Consumer Sciences Vision Statement

    Family and Consumer Sciences Education empowers individuals and families across the life span to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society. Our unique focus is on families, work, and their interrelationships.

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