• Welcome from the High School Principal, Mr. Brian McDowell

       "The mission of the Fairfield Area High School is to instill pride and to develop a quality educational program where all student citizens reach their full potential through district-wide cooperation.


         Individuals are expected to contribute to society in a worthwhile manner; to that end, education is provided for students with respect to their strengths and limitations.


         It is the school that has the primary responsibility for implementing fundamental concepts of American democracy and providing for learning in major areas of living, within constitutional limitations.  The goal is to introduce the range of possibilities offered by life and to help students toward involvement and a positive identification with education, society and self.


         The effectiveness of an educational process is determined by the conditions that encourage and stimulate learning.  The success of this endeavor depends upon the ability of the entire school community, working in partnership, to execute the school’s program in a climate favorable to the interchange of ideas, to the development of creative critical thinking skills, and to the development of societal tolerance.  The parent is the key that unlocks the educational curiosity necessary to lifelong learning.  Active student participation greatly enhances the educational process.  Therefore, students, parents, and staff share the responsibility for learning.  To maximize performance, it is essential that the administration provide services and support that assures the staff and students the most productive learning environment within the school."

    Keep Moving Forward,
    Brian W. McDowell
    FASD HS Principal