Academic Program
    Primarily designed for students who intend to continue a formal education program beyond high school graduation.  It is the RESPONSIBILITY of every student planning to enroll in college/preparatory school to complete a program of studies that will qualify them for admission.  Program planning should be made in consultation with parents, teachers, and counselor.

    Art Program
    Designed to give experiences that will allow the individual to intelligently consider art for a professional career.  It offers a broad general art education which can provide a basis for entrance into a college or art school.  It will provide experiences necessary for employment in a select art or art related field.

    Business Education Program
    For those interested in and wanting good business training.  This offering provides the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for vocational competency for employment after high school in occupations as typist, clerk-typist, file clerk, clerical worker, bookkeeper, secretary, stenographer, computer operator, word processor, and other select areas.

    Family & Consumer Sciences Program
    Designed to develop a high degree of self-satisfaction through learning of subject matter, as well as use of creative skills.  Courses are designed for students with a strong orientation toward the home economics curriculum, as well as students desiring further study in the homemaking field.

    Basic Education Program
    Evolves from a recognition that each student has individual needs, abilities, and goals which determine what he requires from an educational program.  The same needs for satisfactory personal, social, emotional, and vocational adjustment exists in all children.  This program is designed to meet these needs.

    Agriculture Program
    This program is designed to meet the interests of students in agricultural production and agri-business.  The aim of this program is to develop a high degree of skill and provide occupational training necessary to equip each student with the entry level qualifications for his career choice.

    General Education Program
    This includes a diversified group of electives, designed to broaden the interest base of each student, without the need for specialization.  Interest areas are industrial arts with woodworking as a major emphasis; fine arts with strong programs in the vocal and instrumental music education; dramatic arts with emphasis on performance before an audience; practical arts with emphasis in plant and greenhouse management and building trades.

    *Field trips, with emphasis upon the career component, are explored to enhance the courses.  This method offers the student the opportunity to take an in-depth look at his special developing interests in the world of work.