Educational journeys (Policy #204) are not related in any way to the school curriculum or school organizations.  These are trips planned by parents for their children and have an educational component.

    In order for a student absence resulting from a trip to be classified as excused, a written request must be submitted on an Educational Journey Request Form which can be obtained at the school’s office. Each request must be submitted to the building principal ten (10) school days prior to the planned trip.

    Determination to approve or disapprove the trip will be made by the Superintendent of Schools and conveyed to the parent or guardian and building principal in writing.

    Approval of each request will be based on the recommendation of the building principal and an evaluation of the following standards:  previous attendance records, previous requests, academic performance, and anticipated educational value of the activity.   Educational trips are not recommended the final two weeks of the school year.

    Trips shall not be approved if they exceed a total of five (5) school days during a school year.

    Students are responsible to secure and complete all classroom assignments during the period of absence.  Students will be permitted the same number of school days after the visit as were originally granted for the visit to submit all missed assignments issued during the absence; however, long-term projects are guided by a performance rubric and students should complete and turn in the project prior to departure if the due date is during the period of their absence.

    All absences during an approved educational journey are considered excused absences.  Educational trips or visits that are not pre-approved shall be treated as unexcused absences.  Failure to complete work missed during the absence may also result in the absence being unexcused.