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  • Janet A. Rapuano, Ph.D. - Career Counselor

    I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Simmons College, double majoring in Education and Psychology; and I received my first Master’s Degree in Psychology from Antioch University West; and second Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology- S.D. campus. The research topic for my dissertation was in the area of Career Development and that is how my interests began in this area. It is important for students to think about where their interests lie and what they enjoy doing in order to explore options that are available for their futures. It is never too early to begin the career exploration process. My work time is split between the Fairfield Area High School, and Adams County Tech Prep on the Gettysburg High School campus.

    Career Exploration

    In the High School, we continue what was begun in the Elementary and Middle Schools as far as exploring all career options. Whether it be attending a four year college, community college, career-technical school, trade school, military, working, traveling we are here to offer the options open to all students. We encourage all students to have a “plan” upon graduation!

    The 9th grade students complete an Interest Inventory, Career Search and a Learning Styles Questionnaire and a Multiple Intelligences survey, in addition to updating the Career Portfolios. We discuss how learning styles impact how they learn as well as how to make better use of their time in and out of school.

    In the 10th grade, students attend a county wide Career Fair with all other 10 grade students in the county. The Career Fair is held in March on the Gettysburg College Campus, and each student attends 3 career presentations of their choosing. Before choosing the occupations to hear about, they are given a Career Fair Tab which can be found on this website as well under Career Focus. Descriptions of the 60+ careers are described and the students are encouraged to keep this Tab and to share it with family members. Sophomores are also introduced to the SmartFutures- e-mentoring program which consists of 10 activities involving career exploration. The Career Portfolios are updated as well as their activity sheets.

    Our 11th grade juniors are involved in a Career Research Project as part of their graduation requirements and the project consists of doing an Interest Inventory, Career Search, researching 3 occupations of their choosing, one-day job shadowing experience and a final presentation. The students’ shadowing experiences are far-reaching and a wonderful way to find out if that occupation is the right fit for them! The 11th graders continue with their Career Portfolio updates and they are encouraged to spend time volunteering in the community as well as exploring the different post-secondary options open to them.  

    The hope is that each student is well-informed so that she/he can return as a senior to make positive decisions about their future following graduation.