• Activity Funds - 8030


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    ACTIVITY FUNDS                                                                                                                  8030




    8030.1              Authorization

                            “The board of school directors in every school district shall prescribe, adopt, and enforce such reasonable rules and regulations as it may deem proper, regarding (1) the management, supervision, control, or prohibition of exercises, athletics, or games of any kind, school publications, debating, forensic, dramatic, musical, and other activities related to the school program, including raising and disbursing funds for any or all of such purposes and for scholarships, and (2) the organization, management, supervision, control, financing, or prohibition of organizations, clubs, societies and groups of the members of any class or school, and may provide for the suspension, dismissal, or other reasonable penalty in the case of any appointee, professional or other employee, or pupil who violates any of such rules or regulations.”  [24 PS 5-511 (a)]


    8030.2              Affiliations

                            “Any school or any class activity or organization thereof, with the approval of the board, may affiliate with any local, district, regional, State, or national organization whose purposes and activities are appropriate to and related to the school program.”  [24 PS 5-511 (b)]


    8030.3              Use of Facilities/Staff

                            “The board of school directors may (1) permit the use of school property, real or personal, for the purpose of conducting any activity related to the school program, or by any school or class organization, club, society, or group, (2) authorize any school employee or employees to manage, supervise and control the development and conduct of any of such activities, (3) employ or assign any school employee to serve in any capacity in connection with any of such activities.”  [24 PS 5-511 (c)]


    8030.4              Fund Raisings/Bonds/Reporting

                            “Notwithstanding the use of school property or personnel, it shall be lawful for any school or any class or any organization, club, society, or group  thereof, to raise, expend, or hold  funds, including  balances carried over from year to year, in its own name and under its own management, under the supervision of the principal or other professional employee of the school district designated by the board.  Such funds shall not be the funds of the school district but shall





    ACTIVITY FUNDS (Contd)                                                                                                       8030



                            remain the property of the respective school, class, organization, club, society, or group.  The treasurer or custodian of such funds shall furnish to the school district a proper bond, in such amount and with such surety or sureties as the board shall approve, conditioned upon the faithful performance of his duties as treasurer or custodian.  The premium of such bond, if any, shall be paid from the fund or funds secured thereby or from the funds of the school district, at the discretion of the board.   The treasurer or custodian shall be required to maintain an accounting system approved by the board, shall deposit the funds in a depository approved by the board, shall submit a financial statement to the board quarterly or oftener, at the direction of the board, and shall submit the accounts to be audited in like manner as the accounts of the school district.”  [24 PS 5-511 (d)]


    8030.5              Bids Requirements

                              “All purchases of materials or supplies made by any organization, club, society, or group, or by any school or class shall be made by the purchaser in accordance with the requirements of section 801.7 [24 PS 5-511(E)]


                            “…Supplies costing $10,000 or more shall be purchased by the board of school directors only after public notice has been given by advertisement once a week for three weeks in not less than two newspapers of general circulation.  In any district where no newspaper is published, said notice may, in lieu of such publication, be posted in at least five public places.”[24 P.S. 8-807.1]

                “Written or telephonic price quotations from at least three qualified and responsible vendors shall be requested by the board of school directors for all purchases of supplies that exceed $4,000, but are less than the amount requiring advertisement and competitive bidding, or, in lieu of price quotations, a memorandum shall be kept on file showing that fewer than three qualified vendors exist in the market area within which it is practicable to obtain quotations.  A written record of telephonic price quotations shall be made and shall contain at least the date of the quotations, the name of the vendor and the vendor’s representative, the supplies which were the subject of the quotation and the price of the supplies.  Written price quotations, written record of telephonic price quotations and memoranda shall be retained for a period of three years.” [24P.S. 8-807.1]




    ACTIVITY FUNDS (Contd)                                                                                                       8030




    8030.6              Appropriations

                            “The board of school directors of any district is hereby authorized to appropriate any monies of the district for the payment of medical and hospital expenses incurred as a result of participation in such athletic events or games, practice or preparation therefore, or in transportation to or from such athletic events or games, or the practice or preparation

                            therefore, and for the purchase of accident insurance in connection with such participation and transportation.”  [PS 5-511 (f)]


    8030.7              The Board recognizes the need for various school organizations to raise and bank monies in support of goals for those organizations.  The Board authorizes student activity accounts for this purpose through the high school office. Student Activity Funds should not be used for the following:


    1.       1.      Small cash and check needs of other funds and organizations, such as a parent organization (PTO, PTA or Booster groups). Funds not derived from the students must be recorded elsewhere and not commingled with the Student Activity Funds.

    2.       2.      School district charges, such as library book fines and charges for student examinations.  These receipts should be deposited directly into the General Fund.

    3.       3.      Donations from students or parent groups, such as scholarships and commissions for administering sales, such as school pictures.

    4.       4.      Expenditures for refreshments served at school district sponsored parent events, receptions for community members and/or staff or other expenditures not made to benefit the students.

    5.       5.      No expense should be paid in cash directly from ticket sales, dues collection, sales or other cash receipts.


    Student Activity Funds should be used to finance a program of activities not part of the regular curriculum.  They should not be used to circumvent management or purchasing decisions made for the school district by the board or administration.


    8030.8              Participation is limited to those groups whose activities are in accordance with Policy 3176, Extra Curricular Activities, Policy 3177, Co-curricular Activities and Policy 3178, Interscholastic Athletics.





    ACTIVITY FUNDS (Contd)                                                                                                       8030




    8030.9              Each organization shall have a faculty advisor.


    8030.10             Request for new student activity

                            Any and all student activity groups and clubs are required to obtain Board approval to form and operate on recommendations by the Superintendent and/or his/her designee.


                            All new Student Activity groups shall submit a “Request to Establish a Student Activity” form for Board approval at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. No activity may begin without this approval authorization.


    8030.11             Proper accounting procedure will be utilized that require double signatures.


    8030.12             The building principal shall have supervisory authority over all accounts relative to his/her building.


    Revised April 28, 2003


    FAIRFIELD AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT                     



    ACTIVITY FUNDS                                                                                                           8030




    8030.1       Accounts are authorized to student groups whose activities are in accordance with Policy 3176 Extra-Curricular Activities, Policy 3177 Co-Curricular Activities (Extension of Curriculum) and Policy 3178 Interscholastic Athletics (PIAA Sanctioned).  Each organization shall have a statement purpose or goals which reflect the educational relationship and benefits.


    8030.2       Each organization must have a faculty advisor.


    8030.3       Each organization’s minutes should record the authorization of payment.


    8030.4       Request to Close a Student Activity

                      Any Student Activity groups who will be 1) closing or, 2) whose major membership will be graduating, or 3) whose major membership will no longer be eligible to participate in future activities of the organization, must submit a “Request to Close a Student Activity” form for approval before the regularly scheduled Board meeting in June, or as soon as dissolution is anticipated to occur if the closing will occur during the school year.  Failure to take any action regarding any unspent balance within one year of the inactivity of the account will deem those funds to be donated to the “Student Activities” fund of the respective elementary, middle school, or high school account.  A copy of this Policy will be provided to all organizations and this shall also be noted on all forms to provide full understanding of the responsibilities of Student Activity groups formed in the District.


    8030.5      No account can hold a negative balance for more than 45 days.  Should negative balances extending beyond 45 days occur, the organizations and their advisor will develop plans to rectify the negative balance with the building principal as soon as possible.


    8030.6       Deposits must be verified by an organization member (student) or club treasurer, advisor, and the Activities Accounts Secretary/Treasurer.   Withdrawals will require at least two signatures.  One shall be the advisor and the other one of the authorized group’s officers.






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    ACTIVITY FUNDS (Contd)                                                                                             8030




    8030.7       No organization is allowed to keep monies overnight.


    a.   Any monies collected during normal school hours must be properly  counted, sealed in the appropriate deposit bag and HAND CARRIED to the  Activities Accounts Secretary/Treasurer on the same day or delivered to the high school secretary if the activities accounts secretary is not present In ALL situations the deposit bag must be given to a high school office employee. The Activities Accounts Secretary/Treasurer will ensure that all money received during normal school hours will be properly deposited with our financial institution before the close of business on the same day.  The advisor will keep the deposit bag tear-off tag for their records.


    b.   b.    The faculty advisor for an organization that anticipates after school hour money collection must contact the  Activities Accounts Secretary/Treasurer,  BEFORE monies are collected. Procedures for all monies collected after normal school hours are as follows:


    1.    The faculty advisor must obtain deposit tickets, night deposit bags, and the night deposit key.  The faculty advisory is responsible for these items until they are returned to the Activities Accounts Secretary/Treasurer .


    2.    Deposit Ticket - All money must be accurately counted and recorded on the deposit ticket.  Press firmly to insure all information is transferred to the duplicate copies. Do not use pencil.  Date the deposit ticket, record currency and coin in the appropriate box and then list each check separately using the first initial and last name printed on the check.  The back of the ticket may be used to record additional checks received.  Enter the total at the bottom and the side of the deposit ticket.


    3.    The White copy – must be placed in the deposit bag.

    The Second copy – must be sent to the Activities Accounts Secretary/Treasurer on the next school day following the night deposit.

    The Third copy – stays with the advisor until the end of the season or school and is returned to the guidance secretary at that time.