• Please review the expectations below that are distributed at the beginning of the semester to all students in Señora Phillips' class:
    Dear Student and Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

                Welcome to Spanish class! This will be an exciting semester as students grow in their ability to communicate in Spanish. The goal will be to develop both accuracy and fluency as students learn to read, write, listen, and speak in a variety of situations and about a variety of topics in the target language. This syllabus outlines my expectations for all students taking this course, an overview of the class, grading information, and contact information. After reviewing the contents, please sign the slip indicating your understanding and return it by September 2nd, 2011. ¡Gracias!



                *Take responsibility for your learning.

                            WHY? Put forth the effort, and you’ll see the results.

                            What does that mean for you? You will:

                                        -speak in Spanish in Spanish class to the best of your ability.

                                        -follow directions the first time they are given.

                                        -use your time wisely.

                                        -have a positive attitude.

                                        -cooperate with the teacher and other students to complete tasks.

                                        -participate in class on a daily basis.

                                        -complete all homework and assignments.

                                        -see the teacher for additional help as necessary.


                *Come to class prepared to LEARN.

                            WHY? We have a lot to learn and need the entire class time!

                            What does that mean for you? You will:

                                        -be in your assigned seat when the bell rings.

                                        -begin the bellringer immediately after entering the room.

                                        -bring materials (pencil(s), paper, and notebook) to class daily.

                                        -take care of grooming and bathroom needs before class begins.

                                        -bring a signed pass if you are late to class.

                                        -wait until you have been told that class is over before packing up.

                *Show respect to others and to yourself.

                            WHY? A positive atmosphere is necessary for learning.

                            What does that mean for you? You will:

                                        -treat others as you would like to be treated.

                                        -keep hands, legs, arms, possessions, etc. to yourself.

                                        -raise your hand and be acknowledged to ask/answer questions.

                                        -be supportive of your classmates.

                                        -stay focused on the task-at-hand without disrupting.

    -take care of our classroom.


    Other Miscellaneous Concerns:

                TRANSLATORS MAY NOT BE USED FOR THIS CLASS. Use of translators (online or otherwise) is considered cheating and will be treated as such.

                You may not eat, drink, or chew gum in this class.

                Get to class ON TIME. (Class tardy policy is found in student handbook.)

                Keep your work area clean, and clean up after yourself.

                Take all of your belongings with you when you leave!


    When you CHOOSE to meet these expectations, we will have an enjoyable, interesting, and challenging class. If you CHOOSE to ignore these expectations, the consequences you may incur are:

                            First offense: Conference with teacher.

                            Second offense: Teacher detention and/or seat change; phone call home.

                            Third offense: Discipline referral form sent to office.

    ***Please read the student handbook. The rules and consequences in the handbook are enforced in partnership with and in addition to the expectations and consequences above.

    ***In cases of severe behavior, the student will be referred to the office immediately.


    Overview of Our Class:


                You will have a daily “bellringer” assignment on the board. You should begin this assignment immediately after entering the classroom. You are expected to write down the question(s) and the correct answer(s) as we review the bellringer each day. If you are absent, you are responsible for getting the bellringer(s) you have missed from a trustworthy classmate. There will be random bellringer quizzes throughout the year to verify your participation in this part of class.

                You will participate in a variety of activities in this class. You must work together effectively with your classmates to complete tasks in a timely manner. If you complete an activity or a task early, review vocabulary or past exercises. There are also children’s books and cultural guides available to you for your enrichment.



    Every task has a purpose. This is true whether the assignment is to be completed inside or outside of the classroom; therefore, every assignment must be completed. While learning any skill, practice is extremely important. Homework is given almost daily in this class for that reason. (Regardless of whether there is a “formal” assignment or not, ten to fifteen minutes should be spent studying each evening to attain the greatest benefit from this class.) Written assignments that are not submitted and/or completed will count as a zero. Late assignments that are graded will be accepted for ½ credit WITHIN FIVE DAYS OF THE DUE DATE. After this deadline, no credit will be offered.



                Anytime you are absent, YOU are responsible for getting what you missed. Please check your class tray on the front table to find any papers you will need, and see Señora Phillips to find out exactly what you need to make-up.

    Please notify me in advance of any planned absence (i.e., field trips, appointments, family trips, etc.) If you are in school during the day but miss Spanish class, you are responsible for getting the day’s homework to Señora Phillips as well as getting the assignment for the next day!

                All make-up work must be completed WITHIN TWO DAYS (per each day) OF AN ABSENCE. Tests and quizzes may be made-up during flex or before/after school.



                You will keep a notebook for Spanish class which will hold all materials neatly and in an organized manner. We will continually build upon concepts we learn, so this will help as we progress through the year. You will also have a cumulative final exam for which you will need your notes from throughout the year. Finally, if you move on to the next level of Spanish, these materials will become your “textbook” of information as you progress. The following sections will be required for your notebook:

                            Reference Section: includes participation sheet, this packet, partner sheets, etc.

                            Bellringers: includes all bellringers (including worksheets used as bellringers)

                            Cultura: includes cultural information or notes

    Vocabulario: includes vocabulary lists or notes

                            Gramática: includes grammar notes.

                            Actividades y Tarea: includes all activity and homework sheets

    Your notebook will be graded each marking period for its contents and organization.



                You will be graded on each of the following:

                            Major Tests (announced in advance)          Quizzes (announced and unannounced)

                            Classwork and Homework                            Projects and Presentations

                            Notebooks and Class Participation

                There is an automatic zero for copying someone else’s work, allowing someone to copy your work, work in which a translation program/website is used, work that is not handed in, or work that is not made up within an appropriate amount of time.


    Availability and Contact Information:

                I am available before and after school as student need requires at times agreed upon by student and teacher. Parents may contact me at the Fairfield Area High School at 642-2004 or (with an email agreement) at phillipst@fairfield.k12.pa.us.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support!


    Please note: All parents / guardians should view a copy of these expectations within the first few days of school. Students are responsible for returning the signature slip by Friday, September 2nd, 2011.

Last Modified on August 17, 2011