• FCS Elective Courses


    Basics in Food Preparation: Experiences in this course will focus on food science, food preparation techniques, food preservation and food safety.  Students will explore the function of ingredients and how a product changes when different amounts of ingredients are used.  They will develop their baking skills when preparing a variety of baked good products.

    Basic in Food Preparation Syllabus and Grading Policy

    Child Care: This course is designed to help students acquire knowledge and skills essential to the care and guidance of children (as a caregiver or a parent).  Students will develop good caregiver and parenting skills by studying the physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development of children from birth to school age. “Hands-on” experiences will come from being “parents” (taking care of the Real Care Baby). By the end of the course students will be able to choose safe and age-appropriate toys, prevent injuries, guide children in learning and behavior, and know a variety of discipline techniques.


    Child Care Syllabus and Grading Policy


    Early Childhood Education: This course is designed to help students acquire knowledge and skills to prepare them to work in the field of early childhood education. Students will study the emotional, social, physical and intellectual development of the preschool child, and ways to combine learning through play. While setting up and running a preschool program, the students will apply the theories of growth and development. Students will design lesson plans to teach to preschool children. 

    Family, Work, and Community Leadership: Develop your leadership skills now for a successful future.  This course will prepare students for success in family, career, and community life.  Students will gain leadership skills and make decisions that strengthen their family and community by participating in service learning projects of their choice.  Students will investigate career goals and potential impacts on the family unit.  Areas of study may include nutrition and wellness, career exploration, work attitudes and behavior, child development and care, and family responsibilities. 

    Family, Work and Community Leadership Syllabus and Grading Policy

    Food For Life: Experiences in this course will focus on the development of skills needed for meal planning.  Students will learn how to plan, prepare, and serve dishes suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Kitchen and food safety practices will be applied to the preparation of soups, stir-fries, casserole dishes and a variety of other food dishes. 
    Healthy Food Choices:Experiences in this course will focus on the development of skills needed to select, prepare, and serve food that meet nutritional needs of individuals and families.  Students will study the dietary guidelines, My Plate, special diets and other health issues.   A variety of food dishes will be prepared when studying grains, dairy, meat, eggs, and beans.
    Textile and Apparel: Explore careers in textiles and apparel.  This course will introduce students to the textiles and apparel industry.  Studying fibers and fabrics will help students make a proper fabric selection for garments.  Students will explore the use of technology in the textile and apparel industries and design an accessory item.  Students will learn to safely and accurately use a sewing machine, and other sewing equipment to construct projects.Students will be required to purchase some supplies such as fabric and patterns.
    Textiles and Apparel Syllabus and Grading Policy


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