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    Required Coaching Paperwork


    For Paid Positions: Complete and submitted to the Athletic Director Download Application

    For Volunteer Positions: Complete and submitt to Kelley Estes in the elementary school Download Form


    All new employees of the Fairfield Area School District must obtain a Child Abuse History Clearance ($8.00), a Pennsylvania Criminal History Clearance ($22.00),  and Federal Criminal History Clearance (fingerprint background check) ($22.60).




          Pennsylvania law, 24PS 1-111, specifies that ALL EMPLOYEES of public and private schools including those of independent contractors, but excluding employees who do not have direct contact with students, hired as of January 1, 1986 must undergo background checks. In order to avoid delays in processing the background checks, job applicants must carefully follow the procedures listed below. Administrators may employ applicants on a provisional basis for a single period not to exceed a period of ninety (90) days provided all conditions listed in the Law are met. All employees of schools, whether residents or non residents, must complete all three clearances. 

    For Filing Procedures Click Here

    Tuberculin(TB) Skin Test

    All coaches (paid & volunteer) will be required to provide documentation of receiving a TB test. A copy of the results must be returned to the Administration Office, Ann Brown.
    CardiacWise AND ConcussionWise

    This training can be obtained free of charge online through Sport Safety International (https://sportsafety.com/coach/). Each course is approximately 20 minutes in length.  Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to print a certificate which needs to be submitted to the Athletic Director. This must be done every year before the season starts. (Paid and Volunteer Coaches)
    Suicide Prevention Training
    All FASD coaches are required to take this training https://preventsuicidepalearning.com/. Upon completion, you will be asked a few questions and will need to print out the certificate and hand in to the Athletic Director.  This is a requirement of all coaches, except those who attended training in January 2017. This is a FREE one time training. (Paid Coaches Only)
    Continuing Education Courses 
    Are now required for coaches engaged at a PIAA Member School (Paid Coaches Only)
    Core Courses (complete a coaching education course and a First Aid course from either of the two providers below):             Fundamentals of Coaching ($50)
                First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches ($45)           Coaching Principals (fee depends on instructor)
              Sport First Aid (fee depends on instructor)
                   PIAA website for further details
    ***Please note these coaches courses are a one time course and must be uploaded to the PIAA website. Click here for details on how to create an account and upload teh certificates: http://www.piaa.org/news/details.aspx?ID=3676

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